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So, after the act of coition is over, let the woman slip a “bandage” into place as soon as possible, and go to sleep.  If she sleeps long, so much the better, so much more will she be benefited by the presence of the semen and its absorption.  When she naturally wakens, she may bathe the vulva region with warm water; but there is no need of, nor is it wise to try to cleanse the vagina and the uterine tract by the use of a vaginal syringe.  Above all, never inject cold water into the vagina, especially do not do this immediately after coitus.  Some women use a cold water injection immediately after coitus.  There is no surer way to ill health and ultimate suicide.  The parts are congested with blood at such times, and to pour cold water upon them is as though, when one is dripping with perspiration, he should plunge into a cold bath.  Nature has made wise provision for taking care of all the semen that remains in the vagina.  Let the parts alone, and they will cleanse and care for themselves.

Such, then, is a somewhat extended review of the act of coitus at its best estate, and in a general way. Its perfect accomplishment is an art to be cultivated, and one in which expertness can only be attained by wise observation, careful study of all the factors involved, and a loving adaptation of the bodies, minds and souls of both the parties to the act.  It is no mere animal function. It is a union, a unity of “two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.”  There is nothing low or degrading about it, when it is what it ought to be, when it is brought to, and experienced at, its highest and best estate.  It is God-designed, God-born, God-bestowed! As such it should be thankfully received and divinely used by all the sons and daughters of men.



And now, although so much has been said, there is much that remains to be said, and which ought to be said, to do the subject justice.  Some of these things are as follows: 

Something more ought to be told about the second part of the act of coitus, the union of the organs, when this occurs for the first time on the part of the woman.

At the first meeting of the husband and wife, if the woman be a virgin, there are certain conditions which exist, on her part, that are not present in after-meetings, and these must be understood and rightly dealt with, or the worst of bad results may ensue.

Of course, at such first meeting, all the preliminaries prescribed as forming the first movement of the act should be carried out to the limit.  It is not too much to say that these should be prolonged for some days!  Do not start, young husband, at this statement!  Well did Alexander Dumas, pere, write:  “Oh, young husband, have a care in the first overtures you make toward your bride! 

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