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As soon as the orgasm is over, a total collapse of the husband and wife takes place.  They are truly “spent,” a most expressive word, which alone can describe their condition.  On the part of the man the up-to-this-moment stout penis, becomes almost instantly limp and shrunken, while all the female organs become quiescent.  A most delightful languor steals over them; every nerve and fibre of the whole body relaxes; and a desire to fall asleep at once, comes upon them irresistibly.  And the thing for them to do is to avail themselves of such natural impulse, just as soon as possible.  They should always have at hand, and within easy reach, a towel, or napkin, with which to care for the surplus of the seminal emission, which, as soon as the organs are separated, will, in greater or less quantity, flow from the vagina.  Some of the same fluid will also remain upon the penis when it is withdrawn.  The husband should absorb this surplus which remains with him with the towel, as soon as the organs are parted, and immediately leave his super-imposed position, leaving his wife perfectly free, to do as she will.  She should arrange the towel between her thighs, exactly as she would a sanitary napkin, making no attempt to remove the surplus semen at that time, and turn over and go to sleep immediately. (It is said that if the woman goes to sleep on her back, after coition, she thereby increases the probability, of becoming pregnant.  This is a point that women who greatly desire motherhood should note.  The writer knew one case where a wife lay on her back for twenty-four hours after coition and so became pregnant after all other means had failed.)

Now it might seem that such neglect, on the part of the woman, to immediately remove the surplus semen, was uncleanly and unsanitary.  But this is not at all true, and for this reason:  The semen is a most powerful stimulant to all the female sex-organs, and to the whole body of the woman.  The organs themselves will absorb quantities of semen, if left in contact with it, and it is most healthful and beneficial to them, and to the woman, to have them do so.  It is for this cause that many women increase in flesh, and even grow fat after they are married and so can avail themselves of this healthful food. As a matter of fact, there is no nerve-stimulant, or nerve-quieter, that is as potent to woman-kind as semen.  There are multitudes of “nervous” women, hysterical even, who are restored to health, and kept in good health, through the stimulative effects of satisfactory coitus and the absorption of semen, when both these items are present in perfection.  On the other hand, there are many women who suffer all sorts of ills, when these normally beneficial factors are misused or wrongly applied.  The results that follow all depend upon the way the act is done, and its products utilized.

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