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How late in life can coitus be practiced with benefit to health—­Danger of withholding sex functioning—­Sex organs able to function until late in life—­Sexual desires in women after “change in life”—­Proof that Art of Love must be learned and that it can bring lifelong happiness.


Need for keeping body clean, sexual reaction—­Parts of body woman should be specially careful to keep clean—­Portion of body man should be specially careful to clean—­Effect of mouth and armpit odors.


Complete home with children supreme attainment of life—­Begetting children should be deliberate choice by parents—­Proper time for begetting children—­Danger of waiting too long to have children—­When first child should be born—­At what age of parents should children be born.

Is coitus wise during pregnancy—­How the Art of Love provides for this time—­Passions of women during period of pregnancy—­Criminal for husband to compel coitus upon wife unless desired by her.


Book written with purpose of helping lover on towards divine consummation—­Two final instructions—­Become master of the Art of Love—­Learn science of Procreation.

About married people who cannot have children—­A guide to happiness—­Chief facts of true marriage.


To Members of the Medical Profession into Whose Hands This Book May Come

The following pages are more in the nature of a manuscript, or heart-to-heart talk between those who have mutual confidence in each other, than of a technical, or strictly scientific treatise of the subject in hand; and I cannot do better, for all parties concerned, than to explain, just here in the beginning, how this came about, and why I have concluded to leave the copy practically as it was originally written.

In common with nearly all members of our profession who are engaged in the general practice of medicine, I have had numbers of married men and women, husbands and wives, patients and otherwise, who have come to me for counsel and advice regarding matters which pertain to their sex-life, as that problem presented itself to them personally.  As we all know, many of the most serious and complicated cases we have to deal with have their origins in these delicate relations which so often exist among wedded people, of all classes and varieties.

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