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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 111 pages of information about Sane Sex Life and Sane Sex Living.

Fourth and final part of act of coitus—­When done correctly greatest of all human experiences—­What happens to the man—­What occurs in the woman—­No connection with possibility of pregnancy—­Designed by nature especially for woman’s satisfaction and pleasure—­Special instruction for husband and wife—­Review of all the four parts of the act of coitus.


Special conditions which must be considered when bride is to have first sexual congress—­Her state of mind—­Need for better acquaintance—­What both bride and groom should know about the woman’s sex organs; where located, parts, how constructed, sensitivity—­How shape and size of mouth indicate shape and size of woman’s sex organs.

The hymen or “maidenhead”—­Meaning of its presence or absence—­How it may be removed without danger or pain—­First union should be accomplished by mutual desire and effort—­Chances of conception in coitus—­Desire for children.

The right to have children when wanted—­A matter of choice—­Difference between infanticide, abortion and prevention of pregnancy—­How husband and wife can tell when there is no danger of impregnation—­A rule of coitus which should never be violated—­What information about pregnancy may be gained from menstrual period—­Most women have two weeks of “free time” each month—­Freedom from fear an accomplishment which adds to happiness of marriage.


Must be learned and mastered because partners in marriage often not matched physically or psychically—­Ordinary cases of physical mismatching—­Difference in size of sex organs may produce unfortunate results—­How to discover physical mismatching—­How to correct it—­Instructions for overcoming physical mismatching.

Psychical mismatching—­Differences between men and women cause for great dissatisfaction if not known and corrected—­Instructions for correcting psychical mismatching if husband is at fault; if wife is at fault—­Extending time of first part of coitus—­Inducing pre-coital flow in woman—­Essential that first part of coitus be continued until woman is ready for second part—­Necessity for husband to know ways to extend time of third part of coitus—­“Keeping the cap on”—­What wife can do to correct physical and psychical mismatching.

Sex stimulation is right and wholesome—­Instructions if normal sex relations are impossible—­Special information on sex stimulation for brides and grooms—­Valuable addition to sex knowledge.


A mental and spiritual love embrace—­Fulfillment of courting—­Specially valuable during time when woman is not “free”—­Value of sexual stimulation if not carried to excess.

Frequency of coitus—­Men who wear themselves out—­Women who wear out their husbands—­Mismatching in sexual temperament and desire—­How to correct it—­Women who are anesthetic to sexual desire, and how to overcome it—­Impotence in men.

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