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Be it said, then, first, that it is the duty of every bride and groom, before they engage in sexual commerce with each other, to acquaint themselves thoroughly with the anatomy and physiology of the sex organs of human beings, both male and female, and to make the acquirement of such knowledge as dispassionate and matter-of-fact an affair as though they were studying the nature, construction and functions of the stomach, or the digestive processes entire, or the nature and use of any of the other bodily organs.  “Clear and clean am I within and without; clear and clean is every scrap and part of me, and no part shall be held more sacred or preferred above another.  For divine am I, and all I am, or contain.”

Now the normal young man or woman would do just this, would pursue a study of sex in this way, were it not for the fact that they have been taught, time out of mind, that to do this is immodest, not to say indecent or positively wicked.  They have longed to be possessed of such knowledge, all their lives; in most cases more than any other form of wisdom that it was possible for them to make their own.  But its acquirement has been placed beyond their possible reach, and it is only by the most clandestine and often nasty means that they have attained what little they know.  But the quotation made in the last paragraph, sounds the key note of what is right in this matter, and the first effort made by the reader of these pages should be to establish in himself or herself the condition of mind which these lines embody.

And it had better be said, right here, that for most young people this will be found to be no easy thing to do.  Nor should the reader feel ashamed or chagrined, or at odds with himself or herself if he or she finds such condition of affairs existing in his or her case.  For it is nothing for which they are to blame.  It is a misfortune and not a fault.  It is only the result of inherited and inculcated (the word inculcated means kicked in) ideas to which all “well bred” youths have been subjected for centuries; the idea being that the closer they were kept in the realm of innocence, which is only another name for ignorance, the better “bred” they are.  And to pry one’s self loose, to break or tear one’s self away from such a mental view and condition as heredity and such years of rigorous restraint have developed, is no small task.  Indeed, it often takes months, and sometimes years, wholly to rid one’s self of these deep seated and powerful, wrong views and prejudices.

Remember this:  that to the pure all things are pure. But do not make the mistake of thinking that this much abused sentence means that purity means emptiness!  It does no such thing.  On the contrary, it means fullness, to perfection.  It means that one should be possessed of the right kind of stuff, and that the stuff should be of supreme quality.  So, in studying to obtain a knowledge of sex organs and sex functions, in the human family, the reader should not try to divest himself or herself of all sex-passion and desire; but, on the contrary, to make these of a sort of which he or she can be proud, rather than ashamed of, rejoice in, rather than suffer from.

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