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But there are not wanting signs of the times that there will slowly come a change in these conditions.  The fact is that the intelligent world is beginning to emerge from a condition of conformity to the say-so of some one supposed to speak with authority, and to come into a realm of obedience only to a law that has a scientific basis of actual knowledge for its foundation.

For untold ages the sex relations of the human family have been directed and determined by the clergy and by their teachings and pronunciamentos regarding what was fit and right.  There is no need of saying hard things about such a fact; nevertheless, it is true that, for the most part, all the dicta of these men have originated amongst those who knew nothing of the scientific conditions regarding the subject on which they issue their mandates.  So did the blind lead the blind, and the ditches of the past years are filled to overflowing with the dead bodies and souls of men and women, who, for this cause, have fallen therein.

This must not always be!  It is neither wise nor right that the essential matters of human life should always remain a stumbling block and a rock of offense for the children of men.  We are coming to see that sex is no more unclean and to be denied a scientific knowledge of, than any other part of the human body—­the eye, the ear or whatsoever.  Furthermore, the rank and file are beginning to clamor for a knowledge of these matters for themselves.  This is shown by the frequency of articles that deal with sex in many of the best newspapers and magazines in the civilized world, and by similar discussions in the literature, the works and scientific books that now go into the hands of the common people.  It also shows in the attempts that are occasionally being made to introduce the subject of sexual hygiene into our public schools and other educational institutions.  “The world do move!”

It is for these reasons—­because it is right to transfer to you and to those who come after, the sex knowledge that has been acquired by the author, by reading scientific and professional literature upon the subject, by conference with men and women who know, and by personal and professional experience, that what follows is written.



So much by way of general remarks regarding the subject in hand.  It is more the especial purpose of what follows, however, to treat of the matter of marriage in particular, to say something definite to young husbands and wives that shall be of real benefit to them, not only by way of starting them out right in the new and untried way upon which they have entered, but to help them to make that way a realm of perpetual and ever increasing joy to both parties concerned, throughout its entire course, their whole lives long.

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