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So it goes.  Endless vivid portrayals could be made of the anomalous situation.  The more you look at the mess we’ve got sex into the worse it seems. Someone’s got to peach. Someone’s got to tell the truth.  In a world of liars who are hushers?  In a world of hushers who are liars? Someone’s got to tell the truth. Someone’s got to give sex its due. You can’t give spirit its due until you give sex its due. You can’t accept one and cast aside one.  They go together.  They are inseparable.

You refer to body and soul as if you knew just where one stops and the other commences.  Maybe neither stops and neither commences.  Maybe they are not two things but two names.  Maybe when you put a body into a grave you put a soul there too.  And maybe you put neither there.  It’s not so easy to say.

I can’t see anything in the things you call spiritual more marvelous than what you call the physical birth of a baby from a mother.  Maybe you know all about it.  I don’t.  I know nothing about it.  To me it’s mysterious.  To me it’s the supreme demonstration of the spiritual.

How that a baby comes from a man and a woman.  I want that kept clean.  It starts clean.  Why do we corrupt it?  You who disparage it corrupt it.  You ascetics anywhere.  You libidinous roues anywhere.  You corrupt it.  By your excesses.  You who never say yes.  You who never say no.  You corrupt it.

You parents.  You professors.  You prudes.  This is addressed to you.  What have you got to say about it?  You have tremblingly closed the question.  I would coolly open it.  You have rebuked God by silence.  I would praise God by speech.



No apology is offered for what is said in the following pages, but a brief explanation is virtually necessary to make clear, from the outset, the reasons why it has been written.

It is one of the chief characteristics of the human race that the knowledge acquired by one generation can be passed on to the generations that follow; and that, in this way, progress in the betterment of life’s results and the adaptation of means to ends can make a steady and reliable advance.

Such a method of evolution and growth is not possible in the vegetable or animal kingdom, where instinct is the only means for the transmission of acquired knowledge.  It is this feature that differentiates man from all other created beings.

But here is a curious fact:  In one realm of human experiences, in all Christian civilized countries, it has been considered wrong, even in some cases being counted a criminal offense, punishable by fine and imprisonment, for anyone to make any record of, or transmit to anyone else, any knowledge that may have been acquired regarding sex relations in the human family.

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