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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 111 pages of information about Sane Sex Life and Sane Sex Living.


Primary purpose of sex in the human race—­Life is the result of union of two forces—­Birth the same in human beings as in other forms of life—­Process of conception in female—­How female ovum is fertilized by male—­When puberty begins and ends in women.

Menstruation, its cause and meaning—­When ovum may be impregnated—­Origin of sperm in man—­Purpose of prostate gland—­What semen is—­For birth of new life union of male and female sex organs necessary—­Glans penis in man and clitoris in woman are “exciting” focal points—­Climax of coitus.

Use of sexual organs to produce offspring same in mankind as in animals—­One way in which human beings differ from animals in sex relations—­Coitus possible in animals only in “rutting” season—­In human beings coitus enjoyable at any time—­What this difference means to happiness—­The basis of real success in marriage—­Married people can reach highest conditions of wedlock when they know and practice what is right in sex—­No “rights” conferred in sex relations through the ceremony of marriage.

Different views of sexual relations for purpose of happiness—­Padlocks to prevent exercise of sexual functions—­Effect of falsehoods about sex relations—­Innocent brides and goody-good husbands—­Differences of opinion by brides and grooms lead to terrible wrongs on marriage night—­False teaching often results in the “rape of the wedding night”—­How definite knowledge prevents this shock to bride and makes for perfect bliss—­The second kind of coitus reserved only for human beings can bring highest physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Coitus consists of four parts or acts—­Where ninety-nine one-hundredths of all married troubles begin—­Usually husband’s fault due to ignorance or carelessness.

First part of act of coitus—­Difference between men and women in time needed for sexual readiness—­Women usually slower—­Prostatic flow and pre-coital secretion—­Coitus harmful when either partner not fully ready for sexual union—­Taking time most important feature—­Special information for newlyweds—­Woman’s fear of “something new” and of pregnancy—­Husband should not insist upon “rights”—­Evils which follow this wrong attitude—­True marriage based on mutual love—­Key to married happiness—­Married love needs continual care by husband and wife—­Instructions for performing first part of act of coitus.

Second part of act of coitus—­Many positions possible—­Best position—­Instructions for performing second part of act of coitus.

Third part of act of coitus—­A common mistake made by many wives, especially young brides—­Need for complete freedom on part of woman—­Length of time required—­Skill and intensity needed by husband and wife—­Instructions for performing third part of act of coitus.

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