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October 10, 1849, Mr. Keese married Caroline Adriance Foote, daughter of Surgeon Lyman Foote, U.S.A., who, with seven of their children, survives her husband.  From childhood Mrs. Keese well knew Fenimore Cooper.

From his tender years to the age of twenty-four Mr. Keese lived in close touch with the author until his death in 1851.  Afterwards such near association, affection and ability made Mr. Keese a veritable stronghold of authentic values concerning this grand-uncle.  After his five years of patient, careful direction given to the preparation of this personal life of James Fenimore Cooper, the spirit of George Pomeroy Keese passed to the Land of Everlasting Light.

As a traveled, scholarly, wise, and gentle man, Mr. Keese kept in live pace with current events, and he possessed that strong, rare quality of character which “says little and does much,” and compels esteem and devotion from all human kind.

Amongst Mr. Keese’s various writings is “The Historic Records of Christ’s Church, Cooperstown, N.Y.”  The rector, Reverend Ralph Birdsall, has written of its author:  “At the altar of Christ’s Church abides the secret that made Mr. Keese a man so widely honored and beloved.”


[Illustration:  RUINS OF BERRY-POMEROY CASTLE, 1825.]


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