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Boys, it’s he who did it.  That’s the fellow.

MAN IN OVERCOAT (pushing himself forward, officiously)

What’s the matter, boys?  Aha!  He is caught!  Which one?  This one?  Come on with you! (Takes hold of Savva by the sleeve)

SAVVA (shaking him off with such violence that the man falls down)
Get away from me!


Don’t let him go!


Hold him!

FRIAR (crying)

Run, Mr. Savva, run.

[During the following scene Lipa prays.  Speransky looks on with keen curiosity, while Tony stares over his shoulder.  All the voices become blended into one raging, frightened, savage roar.


Get at him from that side!  Yes, go yourself!  You have a stick!  Oh, hang it, there isn’t a single stone around!  Hold him, hold him, he’ll escape!

MAN IN OVERCOAT (getting to his feet again and assuming the leadership) Surround him, boys, surround him!  Block the way to the river!  Don’t let him run away!  Well, now, get a move on you!


Go yourself—­I’ve tried once!  Push that way!  Get hold of him!  Grab him!  Aha!

KONDRATY (shouting at the top of his voice)

Beat him!  Beat the Antichrist!  Beat him!

SAVVA (the danger brings him back to his senses.  He looks around, takes in the path to the river with a quick glance, and gray as dust with rage, he makes for it with a single abrupt movement) Get out of the way, you monsters!


He is getting away!  He is getting away!  Hold him!  Boys, he is getting away!  He is getting away!

[As Savva advances, the crowd falls back in a semicircle, tumbling against one another.  Kondraty begins to make the sign of the cross at Savva and continues to do so throughout the remaining scene.

SAVVA (advancing)

Get out of the way!  Get out of the way!  So you’re scared now, you dogs?  You’ve pulled in your tails?  Get out of the way!  Go on!


He is getting away.

[King Herod issues from the crowd, and plants himself in front of Savva so as to obstruct his way.  There is a terrible look on his face.  Savva comes up close to him and stops.



[A brief pause.  The conversation is carried on in a sort of undertone, almost calmly.


Is that you?


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