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Mr. Savva, good Mr. Savva, please don’t.

KONDRATY (drawing back a little)

Not so loud, not so loud.  We are not in the forest where you can kill rich merchants and get away with it.  There are people here.

SAVVA (lowering his voice)

Well, tell me all about it.  Come on.


What’s the use of going away?  I can tell you everything right here.  I have no secrets.  It’s you who have secrets.  I am all here.


You’ll lie if you tell it here.

KONDRATY (heatedly, with tears)

Shame, Mr. Tropinin!  Shame!  Shame!  Why do you insult me?  Is it because you saw me lying in the puddle?  It’s a sin, a shame!

SAVVA (perplexed)

What’s the matter with you?


Do you think I am going to lie on a day like this?  Miss Olympiada, you at least ought to know—­Good God!  Good God!  Why, Christ has just arisen!  Do you understand?

[The crowd increases.  Some cast glances at the group with the two monks before they pass on.

LIPA (excitedly)

Father Kondraty—­

KONDRATY (beating his breast)

Do you understand?  I have lived all my life like a scoundrel, so why, why did God do this with me?  Do you understand, Miss Olympiada?  Do you understand?  Eh?

SAVVA (perplexed)

Talk sense.  Stop blubbering.

KONDRATY (waving his hand)

I am not angry with you.  I bear you no grudge.  Who are you that I should bear any resentment against you?


Talk sense.


I’ll tell Miss Olympiada.  I won’t speak to you.  You knew me as a drunkard, Miss Olympiada, a mean, worthless creature.  Now listen. (To Speransky) And you, young man, may listen also.  It will teach you a lesson.  It will show you how God works His will unseen.


I see, Father Kondraty.  Forgive me.


God will forgive you.  Who am I to forgive you?  So that’s the way it was, Miss Olympiada.  I followed your advice and went to the Father Superior with the infernal machine.  It was indeed an infernal machine!  And I told him everything, just the way I felt, with a perfect candor and purity of heart.

SPERANSKY (guessing)

Is that how it happened?  What a remarkable event!

FRIAR (quietly)

Keep quiet.  What are you butting in for?

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