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The crowd is in a state of great agitation, Miss Olympiada.  They broke the old gate opening on the other side of the woods and rushed in.  The Father Superior came out and asked them to behave.  They shout so you can’t hear anything at all.  Many are rolling on the ground in convulsions.  I suppose they are sick.  It’s very strange, quite unusual in fact.


Will they carry Him out soon?  I must go. (Rises)


They say it’ll be soon now.  One wagon with cripples in it was upset—­cripples without hands or feet.  They are lying on the ground crying.  It’s all so strange.


What?  Did you see it yourself?

[Kondraty appears on the road coming from the monastery.  He is walking in the company of two pilgrims, who are listening attentively to him.  Catching sight of Savva, Kondraty says something to his companions, who remain standing where they are while he goes up to Savva.



KONDRATY (clean, spruce, beaming)

Good morning, Miss Olympiada.  Good morning to you too, Mr. Savva


Good morning, good morning.  You have come after all?  You were not afraid?

KONDRATY (calmly)

Why should I be afraid?  You won’t kill me, I suppose, and if you should, it would be sweet to die at your hands.


What bravery!  And how clean you are!  You are positively painful to look at.  You didn’t make quite so smart an appearance when you lay wallowing in the puddle.  You were a little the worse for the mud, and so on.

KONDRATY (shrugging his shoulders and speaking with dignity) It’s no use recalling that incident now.  It’s quite out of place.  Mr. Tropinin, it’s time for you to have done with your spite and malice, high time.




That’s all.  There is no “well” about it.  You have had your shot.  Be satisfied.


Are congratulations upon the miracle in order?


Yes, Mr. Tropinin, upon the miracle—­the miracle, indeed. (He weeps with a bland air, wiping his face with his handkerchief) God granted that I should live to see the day.

SAVVA (rising and advancing a step toward the monk; peremptorily) Enough now!  Stop your hocus-pocus.  You have played your trick.  Now stop, or I’ll knock all that jugglery out of you.  Do you hear?

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