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FRIAR (looking in terror at Savva)

No, it’s all dried up.

SAVVA (frowning)



Oh, that woman there has a jug of water. (Gleefully) I’ll go and ask her for it. (Runs)


You ought not to have that water.  Go away from here, Savva, go away.  Look what gladness there is all around you.  Everybody, everything rejoices.  The earth is glad.  The sun is glad.  You are the only one who is not—­you alone.  I still can’t forget that you are my brother.  Go.  But wherever you go, bear with you the memory of this day always.  Remember that the same fate awaits you everywhere.  The earth will not surrender her God to you; the people will not surrender to you that whereby they live and breathe.  Yesterday I still feared you.  To-day I regard you with pity.  You are pitiful, Savva!  Go!  Why are you laughing?

SAVVA (smiling)

Isn’t it a little premature, sister, for you to be delivering my funeral oration?


Aren’t you frightened yet?


Why should I be frightened?  At your tricks and jugglery?  I am used to the lies and frauds, Lipa.  You can’t frighten me with them.  I still have a lot of stupid confidence left.  It will help.  It will come in handy the next time.



FRIAR (bringing the jug of water)

I had the hardest time getting it from her.  She was like flint.  She said she needed it herself.  She was a hard case.


Thank you, boy. (Drinks with avidity) Fine! (Drinks the last drop) That was fine water.  Take it back and tell the woman her water was fine and that there is none like it in all the world.

FRIAR (merrily)

All right, I’ll tell her. (Goes off)

LIPA (in a whisper)

You are the enemy of the human race.

SAVVA (smacking his lips)

Very well, very well.  Just wait.  We’ll hear what Kondraty has to say. 
The blackguard!  I’ll give it to him!

LIPA (with emphasis, but still in a whisper as before)

You are the enemy of the human race!  You are the enemy of the human race!


Louder!  No one hears you.  It’s a spicy bit of information.


Go away from here.

[The Friar returns.

SAVVA (looking into the distance with narrowed eyes)

It’s nice out there, isn’t it, Vassya?  Whose woods are they? 
Vazykin’s?  Have I ever been there with you?

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