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[Lipa doesn’t answer.  When Kondraty has left, she walks around the room a few times, agitated, waiting for Savva.

SAVVA (entering)

Well, what a fool!

LIPA (barring his way)

I know why you came here.  I know!  Don’t you dare!


What’s that?


When I heard you talk, I thought it was just words, but now—­Come to your senses!  Think!  You’ve gone crazy.  What do you mean to do?


Let me go.


I listened to you and laughed!  Good Lord!  I feel as if I had awakened from a terrible dream.  Or is it all a dream?  What was the monk here for?  What for?


Now that will do.  You have had your say; that’s enough.  Let me go.


Don’t you see you have gone crazy?  Do you understand?  You are out of your mind.


I’m sick of hearing you repeat that.  Let’s go.


Savva; dear, darling Savva—­No?  Very well, you won’t listen to me?  Very well.  You’ll see, Savva, you’ll see.  You ought to have your hands and feet tied.  And you will be bound, too.  There are people who will do it.  Oh, God!  What does this mean?  Stay!  Stay!  Savva!

SAVVA (going)

All right, all right.

LIPA (shouting)

I’ll denounce you.  Murderer!  Ruffian!  I’ll denounce you.

SAVVA (turning round)

Oho!  You had better be more careful. (Puts his hand on her shoulder and looks into her eyes) You had better be more careful, I say.


You—­(For about three seconds there is a struggle between the two pairs of eyes, after which Lipa turns aside, biting her lips) I am not afraid of you.


That’s better.  But don’t shout.  One should never shout. (Exit)

LIPA (alone)

What does this mean?  What am I to do? (The hens cluck)

YEGOR TROPININ (in the door)

What’s the matter?  What’s the row here—­hey?  I was gone just half an hour, and everything has gone topsy-turvy.  Lipa, why did you let the chickens get into the raspberry bushes?  Go and drive ’em away, damn you!  I am talking to you—­yes, to you!  Go, or I’ll go you, I’ll go you, I’ll—­


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