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Following them at a slight distance come Man’s Enemies, also very much resembling one another—­mean, cunning faces; low, heavy foreheads; long, ape-like arms.  They walk uneasily, pushing, bending, and hiding behind one another, and casting sharp, mean, envious, sidelong glances from beneath lowered lids.  Yellow roses appear in their buttonholes.  Thus they pass through the room, slowly and in perfect silence.  The sounds of the steps, the music, and the exclamations of the Guests produce a sharply discordant noise._


—­There they are.  There they are.  What an honor!

—­How handsome he is!

—­What a manly face!

—­Look!  Look!

—­He isn’t looking at us!

—­He doesn’t see us!

—­We are his guests!

—­What an honor!  What an honor!

—­And his wife!  Look!  Look!

—­How beautiful she is!

—­How proud!

—­I tell you, just look at her diamonds!

—­Her pearls!  Her pearls!

—­And her rubies!

—­How rich!  What an honor!

—­Honor!  Honor!  Honor!

[The same phrases are repeated again.

—­Here are Man’s Friends!

—­Look, look, there are Man’s Friends.

—­Noble faces!

—­Proud gait!

—­They shine with the reflected splendor of his fame.

—­How they love him!

—­How faithful they are to him!

—­What an honor to be one of Man’s Friends!

—­They regard everything here as their own!

—­They’re at home here!

—­What an honor!

—­Honor!  Honor!  Honor!

[Same phrases are repeated.

—­And there are Man’s Enemies!

—­Look, look, Man’s Enemies!

—­They walk like whipped curs!

—­Man has subdued them!

—­He’s put a muzzle on them!

—­They’re wagging their tails!

—­They’re sneaking behind one another.

—­They’re pushing one another.

—­Ha-ha!  Ha-ha!

[Everybody laughs.

—­What mean faces!

—­What greedy looks!



—­They’re afraid to look at us!

—­They feel we’re at home!

—­Let’s frighten them.

—­Man’ll be thankful to us for it.


[They shout at Man’s Enemies, mingling their shouts with laughter.  The Enemies huddle closer together and cast sharp, timid, sideward glances.

—­They’re going!  They’re going!

—­What an honor!

—­They’re going!

—­Ho-ho!  Ha-ha!

—­They’re gone!  They’re gone!  They’re gone!

[The procession disappears through the door on the left.  A pause of silence.  The music plays less loudly, and the dancers begin gradually to fill the hall.

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