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163. she died in the year 1627.  In June.  On July 1 Donne preached her Funeral Sermon.  See ante, p. 139.  When it was published (London, 1627, 12mo) Herbert appended to it the Greek and Latin poems to her memory, entitled Parentalia; these were the chief verses he published in his lifetime.

165. three months after this marriage. It took place at Edington on 5th March 1629.

167. canonical clothes. This, as Dr. Grosart says, shows that he “was still a layman.”

167. Parsonage of Bemerton. In the presentation in the Record Office, which is dated 16th April 1630, ten days before his induction, it is styled “Rectory of the parish church of Fulston (Fuggleston) St. Peter’s and Bemerton.”

175. “The Country Parson.” For further particulars see p. 212.  Of the simplicity of this beautiful little book Canon Ainger has well said, “Not for the first or last time in our literature was it to be shown that the euphuistic tendency is killed when the writer begins to think more of his topic than himself” (Craik’s English Prose, ii. (1894), 204).

190. being, seeing. Cf. also p. 258.

193. genteel, refined, well-bred.

201. “The Temple.” See full title on p. 213.

205. passion, violent commotion of the mind, perturbation.

206. my last Will. This, which Walton had not seen, is printed by Dr. Grosart (Herbert’s Poetical Works, 1876, p. lxi).

207. buried 3rd day of March, 1632. I.e. in 1633, as the rest of the note seems to imply.  He lies under the altar in the church.


Text, etc The first separate edition of the Life of Dr. Robert Sanderson was printed in 1678, 8vo.  It is corrected and supplemented in Jacobson’s edition of Sanderson’s works, 1854, 6 vols.

223. the place of his birth was Rotherham. As stated in the note, it was Sheffield, in a house called the Lane Head Stane.  He was baptized on the 10th September.

240. about this time. He was presented to the Rectory of Boothby Pagnell in 1619.  There is a print of Boothby Parsonage in the Gentleman’s Magazine for 1801, i. 105.

241. resigned his Fellowship. In May 1619.

241. pennyworths, bargains.

271. prevented him, anticipated him.

282. Little Britain.  Like Duck Lane, Little Britain was (in Strype’s words) “much inhabited by booksellers.”

296. conversation, intercourse with the world.

303. blacks, mourning. Cf.  Bacon “Of Death” (Essay 2).

305. 29th of January 1662. Should be 1663.  He was buried in the chancel of Buckden Church.

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