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XVII.  Peck, in the ‘Desiderata Curiosa,’ Vol.  II., has inserted “The HISTORY and ANTIQUITIES of the CATHEDRAL CHURCH of the Blessed Virgin St. MARY at LINCOLN; containing an exact Copy of all the Monumental Inscriptions there, in Number 163, as they stood in 1641; most of which was soon after torn up, or otherwise defaced.  Collected by ROBERT SANDERSON, S.T.P., afterwards Lord Bishop of that Church, and compared with and corrected by Sir WILLIAM DUGDALE’S MS. Survey.”

Dr. White Kennet, Bishop of Peterborough, had in his possession the copies of two letters transcribed from the originals that were in the hands of Bishop Barlow. 1.  Superscribed “For Mr. Thomas Barlow, at the Library in Oxon,” and subscribed “Your very loving friend and servant, ROBERT SANDERSON,” dated “Botheby Pagnell, Sept. 28, 1656,” importuning Dr. Barlow, “to undertake the managing that dispute in the question of great importance upon the ancient landmarks, by Dr. Jeremy Taylor; so unhappily (and so unseasonably too) endeavoured to be removed in the doctrine of original sin.” 2.  Another letter of Dr. Sanderson to Dr. Barlow, at Queen’s College, dated “Botheby Pagnell, Sept. 17, 1657,” expressing himself, “That Dr. Taylor is so peremptory and pertinacious of his errors as not to hearken to the sober advices of his grave, reverend, and learned friends, amidst the distractions of these times,” &c.

Dr. Sanderson and Dr. Hammond were jointly concerned in a work entitled “A PACIFIC DISCOURSE of GOD’S GRACE and DECREES,” published by the latter in 1660.

It would be improper not to observe, that in the Preface to the Polyglott Bible, printed at London in 1657, Dr. Bryan Walton has classed Dr. Sanderson among those of his much honoured friends who assisted him in that noble work.


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Frontispiece.—­The portrait here given is from Hooker’s monument in Bishopsbourne Church.

Text, etc.—­The Life of Mr. Richard Hooker was first published in small octavo in 1665.  The second edition was prefixed to the Ecclesiastical Polity of 1666, folio, and again in 1676 and 1682.  It was also included in Walton’s collection of 1670.  A valuable essay on Hooker by Dean Church is prefixed to the Clarendon Press edition of the first book of Ecclesiastical Polity, 1876.


3. at this time of my age. He says at p. 4 that he was “past the seventy of his age.”

5. John Hales. See vol. i. p. 193, note.

7. He was born, etc. “Probably in March, 1553-54,” says the Dict. of Nat.  Biography.

8. a school-boy. He was educated at Exeter grammar school.

14. the Bishop said to him.  Cf. chap. iii. of the Vicar of Wakefield, where this anecdote is referred to.  Indeed Hooker is there alleged to have been the “great ancestor” of George Primrose.

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