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in his own country, he would have to flourish in this land of light, and region of the Gospel among his chosen.  It is true, there are some things which I like not in him, as my fragments will express, when you read them:  nevertheless, I wish you by all means to publish it, for these three eminent things observable therein:  First, that God in the midst of Popery, should open the eyes of one to understand and express so clearly and excellently, the intent of the Gospel in the acceptation of Christ’s righteousness,—­as he sheweth through all his Considerations,—­a thing strangely buried and darkened by the adversaries, and their great stumbling block.  Secondly, the great honour and reverence which he every where bears towards our dear Master and Lord; concluding every Consideration almost with his holy name, and setting his merit forth so piously; for which I do so love him, that were there nothing else, I would print it, that with it the honour of my Lord might be published.  Thirdly, the many pious rules of ordering our life about mortification, and observation of God’s kingdom within us, and the working thereof; of which he was a very diligent observer.  These three things are very eminent in the Author, and overweigh the defects—­as I conceive—­towards the publishing thereof.

  From his Parsonage of
  Bemerton, near Salisbury,
  Sept. 29th, 1632.


[Sidenote:  Herbert’s Works]

I.  “ORATIO qua auspicatissimum serenissimi Principis CAROLI reditum ex Hispaniis celebravit GEORGIUS HERBERT, Academae Cantabrigiensis Orator.—­1623.”

II.  “ORATIO ... habita coram Dominis Legatis cum Magistro in Artib. titulis insignirentur. 27 Febr. 1622.”

III.  “A TRANSLATION of LEWIS CORNARO’S TREATISE on TEMPERANCE.”  Printed at Cambridge in 1634, along with Mr. Nicholas Ferrar’s translation of “The Hygiasticon, or the right Course of preserving Health, by Leonard Lessius.”  To Mr. Herbert’s Translation is annexed “A Paradox, translated out of Italian, That a more spare diet is better than a splendid or sumptuous.”

IV.  “HERBERT’S REMAINS; or Sundry Pieces of that sweet Singer of the Temple, Mr. GEORGE HERBERT, some time Orator of the University of Cambridge, now exposed to public Light.” London, 1652.

This volume consists of—­1.  “A Priest to the Temple, or the Country Parson in his Character and Rule of Holy Life; with a Prefatory View of the Life and Virtues of the Author and Excellencies of this Book, by Barnabas Oley.”  In the second and subsequent impressions of this volume is added, “A Preface to the Christian Reader,” consisting of six paragraphs, by Mr. Oley. 2.  “Jacula Prudentum; or Outlandish Proverbs, Sentences, &c., selected by Mr. George Herbert.”

V.  “THE TEMPLE:  SACRED POEMS and Private EJACULATIONS, by Mr. GEORGE HERBERT, late orator of the University of Cambridge.  In his Temple doth every Man speak of his Honour, Psal. xxix. Cambridge, 1633.”

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