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Dr. Peterson, the New York neurologist, in a recent magazine article on dreams and their meaning, points out that many dreams thought to be prophetic can be accounted for physiologically and avers that there never was a purely prophetic dream.  He would contend, no doubt, that your waking thoughts having been a good deal engaged with Western life, your dream carried the same train of thought straight through.  He would probably characterize the incidents of the rich mines, the store and the relative as merely coincidental, yet as the writer of a text-book on mental philosophy observes, to call such dreams coincidences leaves the mystery as great as before.

It is evident Curious is not as curious as what he signs himself.  If he had investigated his dream he may have found it to his advantage.

* * * * *


     Chicago American, February 24, 1921.

New Orleans, Feb. 24.—­Because Capt.  H.J.  Ruffier, warden of the House of Detention, dreamed there was a jail delivery on, a general effort to escape from the prison was frustrated.  Forty prisoners confined in one big room, on the Tulane avenue side of the building, were detected working at the bars of a window and picking at brickworks under another window when discovered.

This dream may be attributed to mental telepathy.  The prisoners evidently have been planning their escape for days. (Creating thought forms.) It was possible for the warden in sleep, out of his body, to be mentally impressed of the delivery and bring it through into waking consciousness.

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     Chicago Daily News, February 24, 1921.

     Huntington, W. Va.—­Mrs. Mattie Estep was told in a dream to
     write songs.  She did so, and two of them were accepted and
     published in New York.


Chicago Evening American, June 8, 1921.

Peoria is all excited today over the announcement by Benjamin H. Serkowich of the Peoria Art League that a canvas painted by a woman in her dream with the hand of the immortal and long since departed Whistler guiding her brush, is on display at a local theater mezzanine floor which gave space to the annual exhibit of the League.

Mrs. William Hawley Smith, wife of Dr. W.H.  Smith of Peoria, is the woman.  She and her husband are among the wealthiest and most socially prominent families in Peoria.

Dr. William Hawley Smith is well known as a student and writer on sociological problems.  Both he and Mrs. Smith claim to have frequently received spirit messages from the dead.  Several weeks ago Mrs. Smith says she was sleeping soundly when Whistler appeared in a dream.  The famous artist commanded her to don her artist smock and get her brushes, paints and palette; then she translated to canvas the instructions he imparted, and frequently his hand guided her brush.  She worked feverishly all night, and in the morning awoke fatigued, but the picture was finished.

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