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A lady in San Francisco (whose husband was in Australia) for three successive nights, dreamed of his returning to America.  She did not expect him until early in the fall of the year.  She was dreaming of him in the spring.  On the fourth morning after her dream she received a letter telling her about his unexpected return.  These are so-called telepathic dreams, usually from minds of living people, although telepathic connection from minds of disincarnate beings is possible.


The actual Astral experience in which the ego sees distant sights, sights and visions which he knows do not actually exist upon the physical plane, such as communicating with the dead, recovery of lost and stolen property; having premonitions of a certain thing which actually happens, such as approaching danger or death.

Above are but a few of the actual astral experiences of the ego which it endeavors to impress on the physical brain.  Sometimes it impresses them by symbols, for symbols are the true language of the soul, and to know how to interpret the meaning of the symbols of your dreams is of the utmost importance to the beginner.  A symbolic dream, which is an actual astral experience, can only be interpreted by the dreamer himself, for no one lives your life but yourself.  The first impression you receive intuitively, of a dream you see symbolically, is usually correct.  The reason the layman does not interpret his dreams correctly, by following his intuition, is because he generally has some material idea of his own concerning dreams.

Here is a dream that may be said to be an actual experience of the ego.  Taken from the Chicago American, July 17, 1920: 

Dreams sons drowned; found bodies in river, Burlington, Vt.  The dream was responsible for the finding of the bodies of George Raymond, Jr., 14 years, son of George Raymond, and his uncle, Winford Raymond, in the Lamoille river at Fletcher.  According to Winford’s father, the vision of the boy’s mother appeared before him in a dream and directed him to look for the boys in the river.  They had been absent from home since Sunday.  The dream was so vivid that the father wakened and at 2 o’clock went to the river bank, where he found the boys’ clothing.  At daybreak the bodies were recovered.

Here is a dream of the so-called dead who, many believe, exist in a state of dreamless sleep or annihilation, appearing in a vision, and so impressing on the astral brain of the sleeper where the boy’s bodies were, that he actually brought the vision or astral experience through into the waking consciousness.  Here is proof of a mother looking over her children, even if she is separated from them through the doorway of the tomb.  No sane person today can actually believe the tomb to be the doorway to the night of oblivion.  Many of the misnamed dead are present, and when we go to sleep at night we meet them and converse with them just the same as if they were inhabiting their mortal bodies.

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