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Speak to no one.  Do not leave your sleeping chamber.  Before the day is many hours old your dream will come to you.  In this way if the student is patient and sincere he will, in time, be able to find out many things of the invisible realm where his soul functions during the time his body sleeps.  I do not claim that our physical plane affairs should be guided entirely by dreams, nor are dreams of the fortune-telling variety to be relied upon.  You must use your reason and judgment in this the same as anything else, and only when the student has attained to that point in his development where there is no break in consciousness, may he be guided by the astral life.  The mystic, and sages, go beyond the astral life.  They go into a state of dreamlessness.  Listen to what a great mystic said: 

“In waking state we are conscious of the objective universe.  In dreaming we are conscious of the inner world.  Then we are of great help to the living, and also the misnamed dead.  In dreamlessness the true seer turns the light of consciousness back upon itself and in its own light sees the gloom of nothingness.  Imagine for a moment the absolute non-existence of the vast world devoid of sight and sound.  What remains a vast space.  Imagine the vast space to be void of ether and the subtle seeds of creation.  Perfect stillness reigns supreme over the ocean of universal space, beginningless and endless.  What supports it?  It is supportless, soundless, cloudless.  He does not see.  Yet he is not blind, does not hear, yet he is not deaf.  He goes beyond the feeling of time and space.  Every time the true seer enters a state of dreamless sleep he enjoys the span of Ethereal Glory; his consciousness is centered in the bosom of the Absolute.”



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