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In this case the premonition seems to have served its purpose advantageously.  Death had no terrors for Lieutenant McDermott.


     Chicago Herald-Examiner, Thursday, June 23, 1921

Dickinson, N.D., June 22—­A dream in which he saw the spot where his father’s body lay led Raymond Everetts, 11, to discover the body yesterday.  Tom Everetts, the father, was one of three section men drowned by a flood near Medora Saturday.  Several years ago the boy announced the death of an aunt shortly before a telegram confirmed his prophesy.

When the ego impresses the lower mind of approaching danger, in dreams or otherwise, it is simply for the individual to be prepared for what is in store for him, just as a wise physician tells his patient when the end is near to be prepared.

Miss Miller, 375 Brenner street, Muncie, Germany, had a premonition of her brother drowning.  She states: 

“My brother was a great swimmer.  Two weeks before he was drowned I had a premonition of his death.  In my dream I saw him diving into the river.  His head struck a rock, then I saw his lifeless body float before me for three successive nights.  I told him of my dream.  I begged him not to go bathing, but he only laughed at me, saying, ’I can protect myself in the water.’  His death was the exact working out of the premonition of his death.”

The student of dream-lore knows the ego is ever watchful, and it always impresses the lower mind when danger approaches.  There are also cases which appear to indicate when the ego is unable to impress the individual.  The information is often conveyed through another person, as the above would indicate, who is sensitive enough to bring the information in the waking state.


It is a very difficult matter for the layman to bring his actual astral experiences into the waking state (but fortunately for us) any faculty that is lacking may be evolved.  It takes a very sensitive instrument to register all that is seen, heard and done while out of the body.  It also requires physical, emotional and mental harmony, or the dreamer is apt to mistake an actual astral experience for an automaton of the physical brain, or vice versa.  To what extent the ego would guide us and warn us, if we were only sensitive and responsive to the delicate vibrations sent down into the physical brain, it is impossible to guess, says L.W.  Rogers in his volume, “Dreams and Premonitions.”  The extent by which we are guided and warned from the ego depends upon how much we are not swayed by our physical methods of artificial civilization implying the power to impress the astral experience on the physical brain.

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