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[Footnote 100:  The three Marias are nearly in the indicated latitude, but are only about thirty leagues from the western coast of N. America.—­E.]

They anchored in these straits on the 19th, where they saw a curious fabric erected on the top of trees, looking at a distance like a palace, but they could not imagine what it was.  The 24th they passed the high and flaming hill of Albaca, and came in sight of the other end of the straits [of St Bernardino] on the 28th, when they anchored before the island, of Mirabelles, remarkable for two rocks which tower to a vast height in the air.  Behind this island is the city of Manilla, and here the pilots wait for the ships from China, to pilot them safe to the city, as the passage is very dangerous.  On the 5th of March they took several barks, which were going to collect the tribute paid by the adjacent places to the city of Manilla.  They had now intelligence of a fleet of twelve ships and four gallies, manned by 2000 Spaniards besides Indians, Chinese, and Japanese, sent from Manilla to drive the Dutch from the Moluccas, and to reduce these islands under the dominion of Spain.  On this news they discharged all their prisoners, and resolved to go in pursuit of the Manilla fleet.

The 11th March they got into a labyrinth of islands, whence they knew not how to get out, but their Spanish pilot carried them safe through next day.  The 14th they anchored all night before the island of Paney, by reason of the shoals; and on the 18th they sailed close past the island of Mindanao.  The 19th they came again close to the shore, and brought provisions from the islanders at a cheap rate.  They reached Cape Cudera on the 20th, where the Spaniards usually water on their voyages to the Moluccas.  Till the 23d, having a perfect calm, they made no progress except with the tide; and when between Mindanao and Tagano they were stopt by an adverse current.  The people here professed great enmity against the Spaniards, and offered to assist the Dutch with fifty of their vessels against that nation.  The 27th they passed the island of Sanguin, and came on the 29th to Ternate, in which island the Dutch possessed the town of Macia, where they were made most welcome by their countrymen.  They observed that the straits of Booton was full of shoals, without which the water was deep.  On the east there is good fresh water, and two leagues to the west lies a very rocky shoal.  On the 8th of April, Cornelius de Vicaneze went for Banda, where the soldiers were landed, after being long on board ship.

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