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but were unable to land.  Beating off and on till the 11th of that month, they then entered the harbour of Accapulco, within shot of the castle, and hung out a flag of truce.  Two Spaniards came on board, with whom they agreed to exchange their prisoners for sheep, fruits, and other provisions, which was accordingly performed.  On the 15th Melchior Hernando, nephew to the viceroy of New Spain, came on board, to take a view of the fleet which had vanquished that of his king, and was kindly entertained by the Dutch admiral.  The castle of Accapulco was found to be well fortified, and had seventy pieces of brass cannon mounted on its ramparts; and the Dutch were here informed that their intended arrival had been known eight months before.

[Footnote 99:  This is probably the northern Lobos, in lat 5 deg. 8’ S. formerly mentioned in a note.—­E.]

They set sail from Accapulco on the 18th of October, and soon afterwards took a bark bound for the pearl fishery, which they manned and took into their service as a tender.  On the 1st November they anchored before the port of Selagua, in lat. 19 deg. 8’ N. At this place they were informed of a river abounding in a variety of excellent fish, and having extensive meadows on its banks well stocked with cattle, together with citrons and other fruits in great plenty, all of which they much wanted; but the company they sent to endeavour to procure these conveniences returned empty handed, after a smart engagement with the Spaniards.  They sailed thence on the 11th November for the port of Nativity, in lat. 20 deg. 40’ N. where they furnished themselves with necessaries, and from whence they set sail on the 20th.


Voyage Home from America, by the East Indies and Cape of Good Hope.

The 26th November, 1615, being in lat. 20 deg. 26’ N. they determined on shaping their course for the Ladrones across the great Pacific Ocean.  On the 3d December, to their great astonishment, they saw two islands at a great distance, and next day a vast rock in lat. 19 deg.  N. fifty leagues from the continent of America.[100] The 5th they saw another new island, having five hills, that at first appeared like so many distinct islands.  The new year 1616 was ushered in with distempers that proved fatal to many of the sailors.  On the 3d of January they came in sight of the Ladrones, where they landed and procured refreshments.  Setting sail from thence on the 26th January, they arrived at the Philippine islands on the 9th February, but the Indians refused to trade with them, because enemies of the Spaniards, though some among them, for that very reason, would willingly have transferred all the trade and riches of the country to them.  In Capul, where they arrived on the 11th, the people gave them fat hogs and poultry in exchange for mere trifles.  Having thus procured abundant refreshments, they set sail on the 16th, passing through the straits towards the bay of Manilla.

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