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Baalee Peer, Bala Pir
Baaraat, barat. the procession of the bridegroom
Baarah Daree, barahdari a room with twelve doors
Babool, babul, the tree acacia arabica
Bacherkaunie, baqirkhani, a kind of bread
Ba daanah, bedanah, seedless grapes
Baer, ber, the tree Zizyphus Jujuba
Bahadhoor, bahadur, ‘a champion’, a title of honour
Baittee, beti, a daughter
  uses of;
  flowering of;
  set on fire by friction
Banner of Husain (see ALLUM)
Bareheaded people not allowed in a house
Basun, besan, pulse flour
Bazars described
Beards worn by Musalmans;
  dyeing of
Bearer caste, the
Beeby Sahib, bibi sahiba, an English lady
Beggar, a famous, in Lucknow
Begum, begam, a title of a Sayyid lady
Biles and blains
  catchers of;
  released in time of sickness
Birth rites,
  scanty rejoicings at birth of a girl;
  first dose of medicine;
  bathing of child;
  forty days’ impurity after childbirth;
  gifts made to the child;
  birthday celebrations;
  child carried to the Dargah
Bis ma Allah, bi’smi’llah, ‘in the name of Allah’
Bleeding, procedure at
Blistering, flies used for
Blood-spitting; cure for
Blue stone, a remedy for snakebites
Boats set adrift in honour of Khwaja Khizr
Bodice, the
Bohue Begum, Bahu Begum, a daughter-in-law
Bootkhanah, butkhanah, an idol temple
Borehaun, burhan, the critical days of fever
Bows and arrows, use of
Brahmanical cords burnt
Bread, varieties of
Bricks, ancient
  the peculium of;
  modes of selecting;
  dress of
Bridegroom, veil worn by
Brushes for hair and teeth
Buckaria, Bokhara
Buckrah Eade, the baqarah id, festival;
  gifts sent at
Budgerow, a kind of boat
Bull-bull, bulbul, the nightingale
Bundah Kungoon, Bandar Kangun
Bunyah, Baniya, a corn merchant
Buraq, the animal on which Muhammad flew to Mecca
Burbut, bargat, the banyan tree
Burghutt, caste, regard for animal life
Burial rites, purification after touching the corpse; see DEATH. 
Burkhundhar, barqandaz, a man armed with a matchlock
Burqa’, a woman’s veil
Burrhsaatie, barsati a disease of horses
Burruff wallah, barfwala a seller of ice
Bushire, a town on the Persian Gulf
Bussorah, Basra, a town on the Shatt el Arab in Asiatic Turkey
Bussund, basant, the spring festival
Butcher bird, the
Buttaire, bater, a quail
Butter sellers
Buttooah, batua, ornamented bag
Bytool Faakere, baitu’l-faqir, ‘the house of a holy man’

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