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Aameen, Ameen, Ami, Amen
Aaroon, Aaron
Abass Ali, ’Abbas, nephew of Husain;
  Abass Ali Huzerut ke Durgah, Hazrat ’Abbas ’Ali ki dargah
Aboubuker, Abubakr, the Caliph
Abraham, sacrifice of Ishmael;
  his title
Abstinence during the Muharram festival
Adam, his burial-place;
  his title;
  image of
Affrine Khaun, Afrin Khan, a eunuch
Afthaadah, aftabgir, a sun-shade
Agha Mir, minister in Oudh
Ahmud Kaabeer, Sayyid Ahmad Kabir, a saint
Akbhar Shah, Akbar Shah II, King of Delhi
Akbar, the Moghul Emperor, his capture of Chitor
Alexandria, alleged destruction of the library at
Ali, ’Ali, son-in-law of Muhammad;
  murder of;
  imparted knowledge to the Sufis
Ali Reezah, Ar-Raza
Ali Ul Hoodah, ’Ali ul Huda
Al-kauloek, alkhalaq, a coat with sleeves
Allah Khareem, Al-Karim, ‘the generous one’
Allah wo uckbaar, Allah u akbar, ‘God is most great’
Alligators, caught by monkeys
Allum, ’alam, a standard
Allumgeer, ’Alamgir, the Emperor Aurangzeb
Al Mauss Ali Khaun, Almas ’Ali Khan, a eunuch
Almsgiving at the Muharram festival
Alrouschid, Harun-al-Rashid, the Caliph
Amulets for children
Amusements of children
Angels, the attendant
Animal, fights at the Court of Oudh;
  mode of slaughtering by Musalmans;
  life, sanctity of
Antelopes, hunted by leopards
  sugar laid near their nests;
Arg, arka, the fire plant
Arms, polishers of
Arrack, ’araq, spirits
Artoojee, ustadji, a teacher
Artush-baajie, atishbazi, fireworks
’Ashura, the last day of the Muharram festival
Asof ood Duolah, Nawab Asaf-ud-daula;
  his proclamation against infanticide
Asthma, a cure for
Ausmaun, ’Usman, the Caliph
Ausur namaaz, ’asr ki namaz, prayer at the third watch of the day
Ayah, aya, a nurse
Ayashur, Ayishah, wife of Muhammad

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