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’This was my first attempt at the practice I had been instructed in; and, you may believe, I was gratified with the success with which my endeavours had been crowned.  For several months the lady continued quite well, when some symptoms of irritability of temper and absence of mind warned her husband and family of approaching danger upon which, they urged and entreated my second visit.  I went accompanied by several friends who were curious to witness the effect expected to be produced by my prayer.  It appeared the poor woman was more calm on my first entrance, than when I had previously visited her; but after repeating my form of prayer, the most violent ravings followed every question I put to her.

’Many hours were spent in this way.  The replies to my questions were remarkable; she always answered, as if by the spirit with which she was possessed.  I demanded, “Why have you dared to return to this poor creature? do you doubt my ability to destroy you?” The reply was, “had no power to fix myself again on the woman, until you entered the house, but I have hovered over her.”—­I said, “I do not believe that you are the soul of a deceased old woman as you represent yourself to be; perhaps you may wish to convince me, by answering the questions that will be made by me and my friends.”  The several questions were then put and answered in a way that surprised all present.

Afterwards, I said, “You professed when here on a former occasion, to believe in God.  Answer me now, to what sect of people did you belong?”—­“Sheikh,” was the reply, “and I believe in one God of mercy and of truth,"‘—­“Then you are my brother,’” I said, rising, and holding out my hand to the woman, “we will shake hands.”—–­“No, No!” replied the woman, with great agitation and terror, “I beseech you not to touch me; the fire which I dread would then torment me more than I could bear.  I would willingly shake hands with all here present, that would give me no pain, but with you the case is different; one touch of yours would destroy me immediately.  Not to prolong my story, at the husband’s earnest entreaty, the evil soul was destroyed by the practice I had learned, and the poor woman, restored to health and peace, was no more troubled by her enemy.”

When this story was related, I fancied it a mere fable of the relator’s brain to amuse his audience; but on a more intimate acquaintance with him, I find it to be his real opinion that he had been instrumental in the way described, in removing evil spirits from the possessed; nor could I ever shake his confidence by any argument brought forward for that purpose during many years of intimate acquaintance; which is the more to be regretted as in all other respects he possesses a very superior and intelligent mind, and as far as I could judge of his heart by his life, always appeared to be a really devout servant of God.

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