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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 128 pages of information about The King's Daughter and Other Stories for Girls.


I wish I were A princess
In the Temple Prison
Execution of Louis XVI
Queen Marie Antoinette Led to the Tribunal
the old brown house
Driven in for Shelter
I Will Keep Your Rose
It Never Looked so Dirty Before
Aunt Ruth Must Have Moved
Bessie Meets Aunt Ruth
A story for school girls
The Recess
what one lie did
The Spelling Class
I Did Not Tell a Lie
Will You Go With Me To-night
At the Grave
Amy’s Sorrow
two ways of reading the Bible
Whom I Shall See for Myself
courtesy to strangers
Jennie Browning
Saved Her Sister’s Life
He Pulled Jennie’s Hair
The Flame in the Rug
Smothering the Fire
Anna’s difficulty
Coming to a Conclusion
company manners
A Glass of Water
confide in mother
they took me in
Thank You, My Dear
the little sisters
Explaining the Rule
Both Sisters at School
A valuable secret
telling mother
A story of school life
Just the Amount, I Believe
Begged to be Released
In the Sick Room
The Book at the Loom
Crying Like a Baby
how Bess managed Tom
careless Gracie’s lesson
We Are Invited
In the Automobile
vicarious punishment
patty’s secret
Will You Ask for Me? 
Mopsey’s mistake
Dis for ’ou
A girl’s song
Carrie’s marks
Susie’s prayer
He Said, Father Drinks
The Prayer
the stolen orange
Blindman’s Buff
Here It Is, Mama
wee Janet’s problem
Janet Screamed
The Robin’s Nest
Bertha’s grandmother
A Handsome House
Here They Are
Mrs. Bell and Grandma
Isn’t Your Grandmother Funny? 
I Am Disappointed
Grandma’s Early Home
The Carriage for Grandma
nothing finished
Susy Diller’s Christmas feast
They Shivered With the Cold
Before the Restaurant
On the Doorstep
In a Heap by the Fire
The Christmas Feast
O Mother!  Mother! 
The barn that blossomed
I Believe I’ve Hit It
In the Attic
Scrubbing the Floor
Your New House
how Dorothy helped the angel
Encourage Somebody
Cheer Up
Hope On
Broke the Crust
I Mean It
I’m Not Tired Now
The Twenty-seventh Psalm
one girl’s influence

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