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Dear Mr. Jackson

In reply to your letter, we would state that the mistake was due to the handwriting of the child’s mother, making the name appear to be spelt with one “e” instead of two, and thus making it a boy’s name.

We will endeavor, as soon as possible, to repair our error, as it was never our intention to deceive you.

Very truly yours. 
Junior Committee of the Fatherless
Children of France.

Greenville Falls.  N.Y. 
Deer Miss Secretary,

I didnt say you were deceivin, I just want to tell you the boy you give me was a girl so you wood not make that mistake agen.  It is the limit when you have told the fellers you had a boy, to go and get a girl, and when I shod the letter to dad he sed by jove youre in a fine posishun you are and I sed how is that, and he sed fust thing you no you will get yourself talkt about, ritin to a girl in France and that would be fine woodnt it?

Respectfully yours,
J.P.  Jackson Jr.

Greenville Falls, N.Y. 
March 7, 1917.

Deer godchild,

I received your letter and I did not dye.  Of corse you cant help bein a girl insted of a boy and thats al-rite because Heloise and Myra-Louise and Nelly the girl next dore and pretty nerely every body wood ruther be a boy than a girl, but you were the limit to fib about it and you have put me in a auful queer posishun, so no more fer this time.

Your godfather,
J.P.  Jackson Jr.

P.S.  I will suport you just the same so do not worry.

21 March 1917.

Dear Mr. James,

I have your letter, and I perceive that you are very much offensed.  One time more I demand pardon; but I cannot be like you want, and by consequence I can never more call myself your dear godchild; if you love me not, and I am offensive, I have not business of you and your silver.  Please give it to one unhappy little boy.  It is worth better that I have hunger, it is worth better that I be made dead by the boches, than to be like one little mendicant.  I demand to Maman if it is not true, and she say yes.

I thank you for all the pain you did take for me and I forget never. 
When I become grand I will render to you all you pay for me.

Goodbye monsieur James.  Receive the expression of my best salutations,

Andree Leblanc.

Greenville Falls, N.Y. 
April 2, 1917.

Deer godchild,

Say what is the matter with you ennyway and why don’t you want me to support you enny longer?  I am your godfather and you are my godchild and it is a legal afare, dad sez, and if ennybody sez ennything about it they will have to deel with me, see?  Ennyway mebbe I was kinder cranky about it, and you kinder fibbd, so lets say we had a scrap and shake on it and let it go at that.  Lots of the fellers hear have scraps with the girls, and last weak Dinky

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