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Start of eBook1
The Editors11
Documents of 1583-8511
Foundation of the Audiencia of Manila (concluded)11
Jail Wardens12
Interpreters of the Audiencia13
Tariff of fees14
I The King16
Two Royal Decrees Regarding the Religious16
I The King16
Legazpi’s Aid to the Religious Approved16
I, The King17
Annual Income of the Royal Exchequer in the Philippines17
Salaries and ordinary expenses17
Extraordinary expenses for three years, XXX U. pesos18
Letter from Melchior Davalos to Felipe II20
Letter from Santiago de Vera to the Archbishop of Mexico26
Two Letters to Felipe II31
Fray Geronimo de Guzman32
History of the Great Kingdom of China33
History of the Great Kingdom of China33
Second Part of the History of the Great Kingdom of China34
Book First34
Documents of 158669
Memorial to the Council69
Chapter second.  Of matters pertaining to the city of Manila72
Chapter fifth.  Of some matters pertaining to the Indians78
Chapter sixth.  Of matters pertaining to the soldiers80
Chapter seven.  Of the forts and presidios needed in this country83
Chapter eighth.  Of the expeditions and pacifications necessary84
Chapter ninth.  Of other matters common to Indians and Spaniards86
The Proposed Entry Into China, In Detail91
Of the right and ground for this entry93
Arms and supplies needed94
What can be and is provided for here in the islands95
The route to be taken by the fleet96
It were best that the Portuguese help in the affair97
Of the gains from this conquest, if it be rightly done100
Of other especial advantages102
Other benefits besides those already mentioned106
Alonso Beltran110
Letter to Felipe II, From Various Officials110
Letter from the Manila Cabildo to Felipe II113
Letter from Antonio Sedeno to Felipe II116
Letter of Domingo de Salazar to Felipe II118
The Bishop of the Filipinas119
Letter from the Audiencia of Manila to Felipe II119
Letter of Pedro de Rojas to Felipe II125
Letter of Juan Moron to Felipe II130
Juan de Moron132
Measures Regarding Trade with China132
Decree Regarding Chinese Trade134
I, The King135
Letter from Marques de Villamanrique to Felipe II135
Brief of Sixtus V138
Documents of 1587-88139
Letter from Marques Don Manriquez to Felipe II139
Letter from Santiago de Vera to Felipe II140
Letter from the Manila Audiencia to Felipe II148
Bibliographical Data154
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