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1861.  The Potato Planters painted. 
           Millet exhibited at the Salon of the Champs Elysees: 
             Feeding Her Birds. 
             The Sheep Shearer.

1862.  List of pictures painted:—­
             The Crows. 
             Sheep Feeding. 
             The Wool Carder. 
             The Stag. 
             The Birth of the Calf. 
             The Shepherdess. 
             The Man with the Hoe.

1863.  Millet sent to Salon:  Man with the Hoe, The Wool Carder (see list of
        works in 1862), and a Shepherd bringing Home his Sheep.

1864.  Millet exhibited at the Salon:  The Shepherdess, and The Birth of the
        Calf (see list of works in 1862).

1865.  Completion of decorative pictures for M. Thomas:  Spring and Summer,
        panels 8 by 4 ft., set in the woodwork; Autumn for the ceiling;
        Winter for the chimneypiece.

1866.  Short visit to Vichy, Auvergne, Clermont, Issoire.

1867.  Millet exhibited at the Exposition Universelle (International
             Death and the Woodcutter (refused by the Salon of 1859). 
             The Gleaners. 
             The Shepherdess. 
             The Sheep Shearer. 
             The Shepherd. 
             The Sheep Fold. 
             The Potato Planters. 
             The Potato Harvest. 
             The Angelus. 
           Visit to Vichy in June.

1867-69.  The Pig Killers.

1868.  Millet made Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, August 13. 
           Journey with Sensier in Alsace and Switzerland, September.

1870.  Millet elected, March 24, juror for coming exposition. 
           The Woman Churning exhibited at the Salon. 
           Departure for Greville on account of danger of remaining
            in Barbizon during the war.

1871.  Return to Barbizon November 7.

1874.  Order from Administration of Beaux Arts for mural decorations in
        the Pantheon (Ste. Genevieve), Paris. 
           The Priory painted.

1875.  Death of Millet, January 20, at Barbizon.

[Footnote 1:  To this was added later 600 francs from the General Council of La Manche, but both annuities were soon discontinued.]

[Footnote 2:  The exact date of Millet’s severing connection with Delaroche is not mentioned by his biographers, though the circumstances are detailed.]


Companions in the studio of Delaroche:—­
  Charles Francois Hebert (1817- ). 
  Jalabert (1819- ). 
  Thomas Couture (1815-1879). 
  Edouard Frere (1819-1886). 
  Adolphe Yvon (1817- ). 
  Antigna (1818-1878). 
  Prosper Louis Roux (1817- ). 
  Cavalier, sculptor. 
  Gendron (1817-1881).

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