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[Footnote 1:  See D.C.  Thomson’s Barbizon School, pp. 226, 227.]

[Footnote 2:  See Julia Cartwright, Life and Letters of Jean Francois Millet, pp. 114,115.]

[Footnote 3:  This is one of an interesting collection of drawings in this museum, which also contains several original paintings by Millet, a Shepherdess, seated, a portrait of the painter, and others.  Other fine Millets are in the private collections of Boston, where the painter received early appreciation, owing to the enthusiasm of William Morris Hunt, the painter, and such connoisseurs as Mr. Quincy Shaw and Mr. Brimmer.]


1814.  Millet born, October 4, in hamlet of Gruchy, commune of Greville, in
        the old province of Normandy, France.

1832.  Two months’ study with Mouchel in Cherbourg. 
           Death of Millet’s father. 
           Study with Langlois in Cherbourg.

1837.  Removal to Paris, supported by annuity of 400 francs from the
        municipality of Cherbourg.[1]

1837-1839 (?).  Studies with Delaroche.[2]

1840.  A portrait of M.L.F. exhibited at Salon of the Louvre.

1841.  Portrait of Mademoiselle Antoinette Feuardent. 
           Marriage with Mademoiselle Pauline Virginie Ono in Cherbourg.

1842.  Returned to Paris.

1844.  Millet exhibited at Salon:  the Milkmaid, the Riding Lesson. 
           Death of Millet’s wife, April 21, and Millet’s return home for
            18 months.

1845.  Marriage with Catherine Lemaire late in summer, in Greville. 
           Visit in Havre in November. 
           Arrival in Paris in December, and residence in the rue

1847.  Oedipus taken from the Tree exhibited at the Salon.

1848.  Millet exhibited at the Salon the Winnower, bought by M.
        Ledru-Rollin for 500 francs, and the Captivity of the Jews in

1849.  Removal to Barbizon.

1850.  The Sower painted and exhibited at the Salon with the Sheaf Binders.

1851.  Death of Millet’s grandmother, Louise Jumelin, at Gruchy.

1853.  Death of Millet’s mother at Gruchy. 
           Millet exhibited at the Salon:—­
             Ruth and Boaz, bought by an American. 
             The Sheep Shearer,} bought by William Morris
             The Shepherd, } Hunt.

1854.  Visit four months to the surroundings of the old home in Normandy.

1855.  The Grafter, exhibited at the Salon.

1856.  Le Pare aux Moutons painted.

1857.  The Gleaners exhibited at the Salon.

1859.  The Angelus exhibited at the Salon.

1860-1861.  The Shepherd in the Fold by Moonlight, and the Femme aux Seaux.

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