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Government it must, to really and finally settle matters, break all leases.  If it stops short of this the trouble will crop up again.  If a man now with a thirty-nine years’ lease can go into the Land Court, the man with a lease of a hundred years, or a hundred and fifty, or two hundred, should not be shut out.  This point cannot be put too strongly to this Government.  If the thing is to be done let it be done thoroughly, and let every man who holds a lease—­no matter for what term—­go into the Land Court, and also purchase under Lord Ashbourne’s Act.  Lord Ashbourne’s Act is the real cure if made to apply all round.”]

[Footnote F:  The Irish have always been cruel to animals.  It is a curious fact that most Roman Catholic peasants are.  In the time of Charles I. an Act was passed to prevent the Irish farmers from ploughing by their oxens’ tails.  Even now they pluck their geese alive.]

[Footnote G:  The boycott against the Great Northern Railway line between Carrickmacross and Dundalk is now in full swing.  It was begun at Friday’s fair in the former town, intimation having been given to all dealers in cattle and pigs that not an animal was to leave by the Great Northern line.  Not a hackney car was permitted to attend the railway station, and commercial travellers had to leave their samples at the station.  Many of the cattle and pigs purchased at the fair were driven by road to Kingscourt, where there is a station of the Midland Great Western Company, a local National League branch having published a resolution recommending all goods to be sent and received via Kingscourt.  It has also been resolved to do no business with commercial travellers from Belfast, or other parts of the North of Ireland, whose goods had been carried over the Great Northern system.  Travellers from Scotland, England, and Dublin are only to be dealt with under guarantees that they do not use the Great Northern line.



There has been issued by the National League in the county Waterford a “list of objectionable persons, with whom it is expected that no true man will have any dealings whatever”—­cattle dealers, butter merchants, grain and hay merchants, brokers, and farmers being specially enjoined to refrain from any dealings with them, the farmers being told that they “must carefully avoid” the sale of milk or stock to agents of objectionable persons, and evicted tenants that they “must deem it their strict and imperative duty to follow to the markets all stock and produce reared upon their farms.”

Look, too, at the abuse poured out on all the Government leaders and officials.  In the Freeman’s Journal, of December 5th, is one of the most disgraceful attacks on Mr. Balfour ever made by journalism.  It reads like a filthy outpour of a Yahoo rather than the utterance of a sane and responsible man.  Are these the minds to govern a great and honest country?]

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