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Thomas De Witt Talmage
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a purse—­all villanies of less than twenty or thirty dollars’ damage to the community; but for that gambler, who last night took that young man’s thousand dollars—­nothing!  For that man who broke in upon the purity of a Christian household, and by a perfidy and adroitness that beat the strategy of hell, flung that girl into the chasm of earthly despair, from which her lost soul goes shrieking to the bottomless pit—­nothing!  For those who “fleeced” a young man, and induced him to filch from his employers vast sums of money, until, in his agony, he came to an officer of the church, and frantically asked what he should do—­nothing!

Verily, small crimes ought to be punished; but it were more just if our authorities would turn out from our jails and penitentiaries the small villains, the petty criminals, the infantile offenders, the ten-dollar desperadoes, and fill their places with some of these monsters of abomination, who drive their roan span through our fine streets until honest men have to fly to escape being run over; and if they would turn out from their incarceration the poor girls of the town, and put in some of the magnificent ladies who cover up the sidewalk with their unpaid-for fineries, and with scornful look, in the church-aisle, pass the daughters of poverty, who with their faded dress and plain hat dare to come to worship God in the same sanctuary.

But all these wrongs shall be righted.  Our streets shall hear the tramp of a regenerated multitude.  Three hundred and sixty bells were rung in Moscow when the prince was married; but when righteousness and peace shall “kiss each other” in all the earth, ten thousand bells will strike the jubilee.  Poverty enriched.  Hunger fed.  Disease cured.  Crime purified.  The cities saved.


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