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“Oh, we’ll get over that,” promised the carrot.  “Just you watch me!” And really truly, if it didn’t turn into a rainstorm, and sprinkle down on the flames, and put that fire out, and then, just so Susie wouldn’t get wet it turned into an umbrella; and held itself over her all the rest of the way home.  So Susie got safely back to the burrow, with all the flowers but the sky-blue-pink one, and maybe she wasn’t glad!  And maybe her folks weren’t glad too!  They had begun to worry about her, and Sammie was just going to start off to look for her.  So Susie told how the fairy carrot had brought her home, and Uncle Wiggily said: 

“Well, there are certainly queer things happening nowadays.  I never would have believed it if you hadn’t told me.”

Now, listen, to-morrow night’s story is going to be about—­let me see—­Oh! on second thought I believe there are enough stories in this book, and, if you would like to read some more I’ll have to put them in another.  How would you like to hear about some squirrels?  Billie and Johnnie Bushytail and Sister Sallie and Jennie Chipmunk and their friends, eh?  If you would like to read of them you can do so in the next volume, which is going to be named, “Bedtime Stories:  Johnnie and Billie Bushytail.”  I hope you will like the squirrels, for they are very good friends of Sammie and Susie Littletail, and Uncle Wiggily Longears, too.  Now, good-bye for a little while, dear children.


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