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So Susie got an old tomato can, and put it under the place where the juice was running out, and pretty soon, not so very long, the can was full.  By that time Sammie and Jane Fuzzy-Wuzzy had a fire built.  Then they hung the can of sap over the fire, and it boiled, and it boiled, and it boiled.  It took quite some time, but Uncle Wiggily tried it every now and then by pouring a little of the hot syrup on some snow he found in a hollow place.

“Eat this,” he said to Susie and Sammie, when it was cool; and, oh, maybe it wasn’t good!  Better than the best candy you ever tasted!  Then they boiled it and boiled it some more, and pretty soon, just as true as I’m telling you, if that sap didn’t turn into maple sugar.  Now, what do you think about that, eh?  Well, maybe those bunny rabbit children weren’t glad.  They made quite a lot, and took some home to Mamma and Papa Littletail, who were very glad to get it.  They ate several pieces, and then put some away for Dr. Possum, and his little boy, Possum Pinktoes.  Then Papa Littletail said:  “I have just received a letter from some children, who are anxious about their Easter eggs, as it is nearly Easter, so I think we had better begin to get them ready.”  Uncle Wiggily thought so, too, and to-morrow night, if there is no moon, I shall tell you about hunting the eggs.



Sammie and Susie Littletail were leaping over the brown leaves and the pine needles in the woods.  There was a little wind blowing, and it ruffled up the fur on the backs of the rabbit children, but they did not mind that.

“I wonder where we shall find the eggs?” asked Susie of her brother, and she nibbled on a bit of maple sugar that Uncle Wiggily Longears had made for them.

“I’m sure I don’t know,” answered Sammie, and he, also, ate some of the sweet stuff.  “But we are sure to find them, because Uncle Wiggily said so.  He would have come to show us, only his rheumatism is worse again.”

“We must ask somebody,” said Susie, and just then whom should they see coming along through the woods but Bully, the frog.

“Hello!” exclaimed Bully, “let’s see who can jump the farthest, Sammie.”

“No,” answered the little boy rabbit, “I can’t; I am after Easter eggs.  Do you know where there are any?”

“Do you mean frogs’ eggs?” asked Bully, and he croaked a couple of times, just to keep from getting hoarse.

“I hardly think frogs’ eggs would do,” and Sammie looked at his sister, and his sister looked at him, until, strange as it may seem, they were both looking at each other.

“No,” said Susie, “frogs’ eggs would never do.  They are not large enough.  We must get hens’ eggs or ducks’ eggs.”

“I know where there is a nice duck,” went on Bully.  “She lives near my pond.  Come, and I will take you to her.  Maybe she will give you some eggs.”

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