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So the little black doggie walked on his hind legs, and then he walked on his front legs.  Next, he played dead, and Sammie was quite frightened, until with a bark the doggie jumped up and turned three back somersaults, one after the other, just as easy as you can upset the salt-cellar.  After that he made believe to say his prayers, and rolled over and sneezed like any boy or girl, it was so natural.

Sammie was becoming very much interested, for the doggie’s tricks were almost as good as those Sammie had seen at the circus, when, all at once, who should come along but a big man.  He whistled to the little black doggie, and the doggie, who was trying to stand on the end of his tail, got down and ran to the man.  Sammie was so frightened that he ran, too, only he ran home.

Sammie told his papa and mamma and Susie and Uncle Wiggily what had happened to him, and they told him he must be careful not to go near black doggies again.

“Oh,” promised Sammie, “I won’t, you may be sure.  But, Uncle Wiggily, are squirrels all right to play with?”

“Oh, yes, squirrels are very nice,” said his Uncle.  “Why, did you see some?”

“Yes, I met two, and they said their names were Billie and Johnnie Bushytail, and they are coming over to see me some time.”

“That will be nice,” remarked Susie.  “May I play with them, too?”

“I guess so,” replied Sammie.  “But, mamma, I’m hungry.  Isn’t there anything to eat?”

“You can have some bread and butter,” said his mamma.

“With sugar on?” asked Sammie.

“We are all out of sugar,” went on Mrs. Littletail.  “You must run to the store for some.”

“I will,” promised Sammie, “after I eat something.”

“All out of sugar,” remarked Uncle Wiggily.  “That reminds me, I must make some maple sugar soon.  I will have it when Billie and Johnnie Bushytail come over to see you; or, perhaps before then, if you are good children.”  So Sammie and Susie said they would be good, and in another book after this one, I’m going to tell you about Billie and Johnnie Bushytail, the little boy squirrels, and what they did.  They lived near Sammie and Susie Littletail.  But the story to-morrow night will be about Uncle Wiggily making maple sugar.



Uncle Wiggily Longears walked out of the burrow.  First he stretched one leg, then he stretched another leg; then he gave a big, long stretch to his third leg, and then, would you believe it? he stretched his fourth leg.  Next he wiggled both ears, one after the other, and said: 

“I feel very fine indeed!  Oh, yes, and a boiled carrot besides, very fine!” He looked up at the blue sky, which had some little white clouds on it, just like small snowbanks, or bits of lamb’s wool.  “I never knew when I felt better,” went on Uncle Wiggily Longears.  “Even my rheumatism does not hurt much.”  Just then he saw Nurse Jane Fuzzy-Wuzzy coming out of the burrow, and he spoke to her:  “Aren’t Sammie and Susie up yet?” he asked.

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