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We sailed from Zoar on the 15th of August and returned to Swally roads.  The 21st September, our whole fleet sailed from Swally, and on the 27th we took leave of the fleet bound for Jasques, consisting of the London, Jonas, Whale, Dolphin, Lion, Rose, Shilling, Richard, and Robert.  The 1st January, 1622, we were between Johanna and Mayotta, two of the Comoro islands.  The 29th we anchored in Saldanha roads, [Table Bay,] having come thither from Surat in nine weeks and three days, blessed be God for our safe and speedy passage.  We here watered, bathed in the river, caught fish, and buried our letters; purchasing three cows, one calf, and four sheep, all unsavoury meat.

We sailed again on the 3d February, and anchored on the 19th at St Helena, where we found the Wappen and the Hollandia, two Dutch ships, the latter of which caught fire on the 22d, owing to her cloves, which had been taken in too green at Amboina.  There was likewise a third small Dutch ship.  They arrived eleven days before us, and it will take them at least ten days more to discharge and reload their damaged cloves.  We sailed from St Helena on the 28th February, and anchored in the Downs on the 7th June, 1622.



“In the Pilgrims of Purchas, vol.  II. pp. 1785-1805, there is a long confused account of this business, contained in four several sections; to which many letters and certificates on the subject are subjoined.  The first is a brief historical memoir of the foundation of Ormus, from a chronicle in the Arabic, said to have been composed by Pacha Turunxa, perhaps Pacha Turun Shah, one of the kings of that petty sovereignty.  The second is a relation of the Ormus war, by Mr W. Pinder, who appears to have served under Andrew Shilling, during the preceding voyage, and sailed as master of the Andrew on this occasion.  The third is an account of the earlier part of this war of Ormus, written by T. Wilson, a surgeon serving in the expedition.  The fourth is a more particular relation of the whole events of this expedition, extracted by Purchas from the journal of Mr Edward Monoxe, agent for the East Indian merchants trading in Persia.  This last has been chosen, as best adapted to give a distinct view of the expedition, but some freedoms have been assumed with it, by assisting the narrative from the other documents in Purchas, already specified.”—­E.

[Footnote 302:  Purch.  Pilgr.  II. 179s.]

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