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In the Pilgrims, in supplement to the journal of Sir Thomas Roe, Purchas has inserted a formal complimentary letter from king James to the Great Mogul, or emperor of Hindoostan, together with another from the Mogul to king James, containing nothing besides hyperbolical expressions of regard; both of which are here omitted, as entirely devoid of interest, amusement, or information.  Purchas has also added several letters said to have been found among the papers of Sir Thomas Roe, with some others which he says were transcribed from Sir Thomas Roe’s own book.  As these letters merely repeat circumstances and opinions already more fully and more methodically expressed in the preceding journal, they could only have served unnecessarily to swell our pages, without any adequate advantage, and are therefore omitted.

Purchas also informs us that Sir Thomas Roe, before he left the court of the Great Mogul on his return for England, requested to be favoured with a recommendatory letter from the Mogul to king James.  This request was granted with the utmost readiness, and a letter written accordingly; but the Mogul, or his ministers, shewed much scrupulousness about the placement of the seal to this letter, lest, if placed under the writing, it might disparage the dignity of the Mogul, or, if placed over the letter, king James might feel disobliged.  On this account, the letter was delivered to Sir Thomas unsealed, and the seal was sent separately, that it might be afterwards affixed, according to the pleasure of the king of England.

This seal was of silver, and Purchas has given an engraving, or fac simile of it, consisting of an inner and larger circle, bearing the style or title of the reigning king, or Padishah Jehanguire; surrounded circularly by eight smaller circles, containing the series of his direct ancestors, from Timor, or Tamerlane, downwards.  These are all of course in the Persian language and characters; but Purchas gives likewise a copy or translation of the same in English letters.  It seemed quite superfluous to insert here the Persian fac simile, being merely writing without ornament, armorial bearing, or cognizance.  The following is the series, expressed in English characters; the last being the central circle, which contains the name and title of the reigning emperor:—­

1.  Ebn Amir Temur Saheb Quran. 2.  Ebn Miran Shah. 3.  Ebn Mirza Soltan Mohamed. 4.  Ebn Soltan Abu Said. 5.  Ebn Mirza Amar Shah. 6.  Ebn Bahar Padishah. 7.  Ebn Humaiun Padishah. 8.  Ebn Akbar Padishah. 9.  Abu Amozaphar Nurdin Jebanguire Padishah.




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