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Sect.  VII.  Relation of a Voyage to India in 1616, with Observations respecting the Dominions of the Great Mogul, by Mr Edward Terry

Sec.1.  Occurrences during the Voyage from England to Surat

Sec.2.  Description of the Mogul Empire

Sec.3.  Of the People of Hindoostan, and their Manners and Customs

Sec.4.  Of the Sects, Opinions, Rites Priests, &c. of the Hindoos; with other Observations

Sect.  VIII.  Journey of Thomas Coryat by Land, from Jerusalem to the
Court of the Great Mogul

Sec.1.  Letter from Agimere to Mr L. Whitaker, in 1615

Sec.2.  Do. from Agra to his Mother, in 1616

Sec.3.  Some Observations concerning India, by Coryat

Sect.  IX.  Account of the Wrongs done to the English at Banda by the
Dutch, in 1617 and 1618

Sect.  X. Fifth Voyage of the Joint-stock by the English East India
Company, in 1617, under the Command of Captain Martin Pring

Sec.1.  Occurrences on the Voyage out, and at Surat, Bantam, and Jacatra

Sec.2.  Dutch Injustice, and Sea-fight between them and Sir Thomas Dale

Sec.3.  Departure for Coromandel, with Occurrences there, and Death of Sir
Thomas Dale.—­Capture of English Ships by the Dutch; and Occurrences at

Sec.4.  News of Peace between the English and Dutch

Sec.5.  Voyage of Captain Pring from Bantam to Patania and Japan

Sec.6.  Voyage from Japan to Bantam, and thence to England

Sect.  XI.  Voyage of the Ann-royal, from Surat to Mokha, in 1618

Sect.  XII.  Journal of a Voyage to Surat and Jasques in 1620

Sec.1.  Voyage from England to Surat

Sec.2.  Voyage from Surat towards Jasques

Sec.3.  Account of a Sea-fight with the Portuguese

Sec.4.  Second Sea-fight with the Portuguese

Sec.5.  Sequel of the Voyage

Sect.  XIII.  Relation of the War of Ormus, and the Capture of that Place by the English and Persians, in 1622

Sect.  XIV.  Account of the Massacre of Amboina, in 1623

Sect.  XV.  Observations during a Residence in the Island of Chusan, in 1701, by Dr James Cunningham; with some early Notices respecting China

Sec.1.  Voyage to Chusan, and short Notices of that Island

Sec.2.  Ancient and modern State of the Country, and coming of the English to reside there

Sec.3.  Manner of cultivating Tea in Chusan

Sec.4.  Of the famous Medicinal Root called H-tchu-u

Sec.5.  Removal of Dr Cunningham to Pulo-Condore, with an Account of the
Rise, Progress, and Ruin of that Factory

Sec.6.  Some Account of the Factory at Pulo-Laut, with the Overthrow of that
Factory, and of the English Trade in Borneo

* * * * * [Illustration:  Chart of north eastern Africa]

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