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Chap XI.  Continuation of the Early Voyages of the English East India
Company to India


Sect.  I. Voyage of Captain Nicholas Downton to India, in 1614

Sec.1.  Incidents at Saldanha, Socotora, and Swally; with an Account of the Disagreements between the Moguls and Portuguese, and between the Nabob and the English

Sec.2.  Account of the Forces of the Portuguese, their hostile Attempts and
Fight with the English, in which they are disgracefully repulsed

Sec.3.  Supplies received by the Portuguese, who vainly endeavour to use Fire-boats.  They seek Peace, which is refused, and depart.  Interview between the Nabob and Captain Downton, and Departure of the English

Sect.  II.  Relations by Mr Elkington and Mr Dodsworth, in Supplement to preceding Voyage

Sec.1.  Continuation of the Voyage from Surat to Bantam, by Captain Thomas

Sec.2.  Brief Observations by Mr Edward Dodsworth, who returned to England in the Hope

Sect.  III.  Journey of Richard Steel and John Crowther, from Agimere, in
India, to Ispahan, in Persia, in the Years 1615, and 1616

Sect.  IV.  Voyage of Captain Walter Peyton to India, in 1615

Sec.1.  Occurrences during the Voyage from England to Surat

Sec.2.  Occurrences at Calicut and Sumatra.  Miscarriage of the English
Ships, Abuses of the Dutch, and Factories in India

Sec.3.  Brief Notice of the Ports, Cities, and Towns, inhabited by, and traded with, by the Portuguese, between the Cape of Good Hope and Japan, in the Year 1616

Sect.  V. Notes, concerning the Proceedings of the Factory at Cranganore, from the Journal of Roger Hawes

Sect.  VI.  Journal of Sir Thomas Roe, Ambassador from James I. to Shah
Jehanguire, Mogul Emperor of Hindoostan


Sec.1.  Journey from Surat to the Court of the Mogul, and Entertainment there, with some Account of the Customs of the Country

Sec.2.  Occurrences in June, July, and August, 1616, from which the
Character and Dispositions of the Mogul and his Subjects may be observed

Sec.3.  Of the Celebration of the King’s Birth-day, with other Occurrences, in September, 1616

Sec.4.  Broils about Abdala Khan, and Khan-Khannan:  Ambitious Projects of Sultan Churrum to subvert his eldest Brother:  Sea-fight with a Portuguese Carrack; and various other Occurrences

Sec.5.  Continuation of Occurrences at Court, till leaving Agimere, in November, 1616

Sec.6.  Sir Thomas Roe follows the Progress of the Court, and describes the King’s Leskar, &c.

Sec.7.  A New-year’s Gift—­Suspicion entertained of the English—­Dissatisfaction of the Persian Ambassador—­English Ships of War in the Indian Seas

Sec.8 Asaph Khan and Noormahal protect the English from Hope of Gain.—­Arrival of Mr Steel.—­Danger to the Public from private Trade—­Stirs about a Fort

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