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Robert Kerr (writer)
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 730 pages of information about A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels Volume 09.



Chap.  X. (Continued.)

Early Voyages of the English to India, after the Establishment of the East India Company

Sect.  XV. (Continued)—­Eighth Voyage of the English East-India Company, in 1611, by Captain John Saris

Sec.5.  Further Observations respecting the Moluccas, and the Completion of the Voyage to Japan

Sec.6.  Arrival at Brando, and some Account of the Habits, Manners, and Customs of the Japanese

Sec.7.  Journey of Captain Saris to the Court of the Emperor, with his Observations there and by the Way

Sec.8.  Occurrences at Firando during the Absence of Captain Saris

Sec.9.  Continuation of these Occurrences

Sec.10.  Conclusion of these

Sec.11.  Occurrences at Firando, after the return of Captain Saris

Sec.12.  Voyage from Japan to Bantam, and thence to England

Sec.I3.  Intelligence concerning Yedso or Jesso, received from a Japanese at
Jedo, who had been twice there

Sec.14.  Note of Commodities vendible in Japan

Sec.15.  Supplementary Notices of Occurrences in Japan, after the departure of Captain Saris

Sect.  XVI.  Ninth Voyage of the East-India Company, in 1612, by Captain
Edward Marlow

Sect.  XVII.  Tenth Voyage of the East-India Company, in 1612, written by
Mr Thomas Best, Chief Commander

Sec.1.  Observations during the Voyage from England to Surat

Sec.2.  Transactions with the Subjects of the Mogul, Fights with the
Portuguese, Settlement of a Factory and Departure for Acheen

Sec.3.  Occurrences at Acheen in Sumatra

Sec.4.  Trade at Tecoo and Passaman, with the Voyage to Bantam, and thence to England

Sect.  XVIII.  Observations made during the foregoing Voyage, by Mr
Copland, Chaplain, Mr Robert Boner, Master, and Mr Nicholas Whittington,

Sec.1.  Notes extracted from the Journal of Mr Copland, Chaplain of the

Sec.2.  Notes extracted from the Journal of Mr Robert Boner, who was Master of the Dragon

Sec.3.  Extract from a Treatise by Mr Nicholas Whittington, who was left as
Factor in the Mogul Country by Captain Best, containing some of his
Travels and Adventures

Sect.  XIX.  Eleventh Voyage of the East-India Company, in 1612, in the

Sect.  XX.  Twelfth Voyage of the East-India Company, in 1613, by Captain
Christopher Newport

Sec.1.  Observations at St Augustine, Mohelia, and divers Parts of Arabia

Sec.2.  Proceedings on the Coast of Persia, and Treachery of the Baloches

Sec.3.  Arrival at Diul-ginde, and landing of the Ambassador:  Seeking Trade there, are crossed by the slanderous Portuguese:  Go to Sumatra and Bantam; and thence to England

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