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Eugene Walter
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[Crossing to trunk.

WILL. [Rises and comes to her.] Do you think I’m going to let a woman make a liar out of me?  I’m going to stay right here.  I like that boy, and I’m not going to let you put him to the bad.

LAURA.  I want you to go. [Slams trunk lid down, crosses to dresser, opens drawer to get stuff out.

WILL.  And I tell you I won’t go.  I’m going to show you up.  I’m going to tell him the truth.  It isn’t you I care for—­he’s got to know.

LAURA. [Slams drawer shut, loses her temper, and is almost tiger-like in her anger.] You don’t care for me?

WILL.  No.

LAURA.  It isn’t me you’re thinking of?

WILL.  No.

LAURA.  Who’s the liar now?

WILL.  Liar?

LAURA.  Yes, liar.  You are.  You don’t care for this man, and you know it.

WILL.  You’re foolish.

LAURA.  Yes, I am foolish and I’ve been foolish all my life, but I’m getting a little sense now. [Kneels in armchair, facing WILL; her voice is shaky with anger and tears.] All my life, since the day you first took me away, you’ve planned and planned and planned to keep me, and to trick me and bring me down with you.  When you came to me I was happy.  I didn’t have much, just a little salary and some hard work.

WILL.  But like all the rest you found that wouldn’t keep you, didn’t you?

LAURA.  You say I’m bad, but who’s made me so?  Who took me out night after night?  Who showed me what these luxuries were?  Who put me in the habit of buying something I couldn’t afford?  You did.

WILL.  Well, you liked it, didn’t you?

LAURA.  Who got me in debt, and then, when I wouldn’t do what you wanted me to, who had me discharged from the company, so I had no means of living?  Who followed me from one place to another?  Who, always entreating, tried to trap me into this life, and I didn’t know any better?

WILL.  You didn’t know any better?

LAURA.  I knew it was wrong—­yes; but you told me everybody in this business did that sort of thing, and I was just as good as anyone else.  Finally you got me and you kept me.  Then, when I went away to Denver, and for the first time found a gleam of happiness, for the first time in my life—­

WILL.  You’re crazy.

LAURA.  Yes, I am crazy. [Rises angrily, crosses and sweeps table-cover off table; crosses to dresser, knocks bottles, &c., off upper end; turns, faces him, almost screaming.] You’ve made me crazy.  You followed me to Denver, and then when I got back you bribed me again.  You pulled me down, and you did the same old thing until this happened.  Now I want you to get out, you understand?  I want you to get out.

WILL.  Laura, you can’t do this. [Starts to sit on trunk.

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