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SCENE. Two months have elapsed.  The scene is at BROCKTON’S apartment in a hotel such as is not over particular concerning the relations of its tenants.  There are a number of these hotels throughout the theatre district of New York, and, as a rule, one will find them usually of the same type.  The room in which this scene is placed is that of the general living-room in one of the handsomest apartments in the building.  The prevailing colour is green, and there is nothing particularly gaudy about the general furnishings.  They are in good taste, but without the variety of arrangement and ornamentation which would naturally obtain in a room occupied by people a bit more particular concerning their surroundings.  Down stage is a table about three feet square which can be used not only as a general centre-table, but also for service while the occupants are eating.  There is a breakfast service on this table, and also a tray and stand behind it.  There is a chair at either side of the table, and at right coming up stage, the room turns at a sharp angle of thirty-five degrees, and this space is largely taken up by a large doorway.  This is equipped with sliding-doors and hung with green portieres, which are handsome and in harmony with the general scheme of the furnishings of the room.  This entrance is to the sleeping-room of the apartments.

At the back of the stage is a large window or alcove.  The window is on the ordinary plan, and the view through it shows the back of another building of New York, presumably a hotel of about the same character.  Green portieres are also hung on the windows.  Down left is the entrance to the corridor of the hotel, and this must be so arranged that it works with a latch-key and opens upon a small hallway, which separates the apartment from the main hallway.  This is necessary as the action calls for the slamming of a door, and later the opening of the direct and intimate door of the apartment with a latch-key.  Left of centre is a sofa, and there is a general arrangement of chairs without over-crowding the apartment.  Just below, where the right portiere is hung, is a long, full-length mirror, such as women dress by.  Against wall is a lady’s fancy dresser.

To the immediate left of the sliding-doors, which go into the sleeping-apartment, is a lady’s small writing-desk, with a drawer on the right-hand side, in which is a pearl-handled 32-calibre revolver.  The front of the desk is open at rise.  On top of the desk is a desk lamp and a large box of candy; inside the desk is writing material, &c.  In pigeon-hole left there is a small photo and frame, which ANNIE places on the table when she removes the breakfast set.  In front of centre window in alcove is a small table on which is a parlour lamp, and some newspapers, including the “New York Sun.”  On the floor running between the desk and table is a large fur rug.  In front of the table is a small gilt chair; in front of desk there is also a small gilt

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