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Eugene Walter
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WILL.  Blue?


WILL.  What’s up?

LAURA.  Nothing.

WILL.  A little preoccupied.

LAURA.  Perhaps.

WILL.  What’s up that way?

LAURA.  Which way?

WILL.  The way you are looking.

LAURA.  The road from Manitou Springs.  They call it the trail out here.

WILL.  I know that.  You know I’ve done a lot of business west of the

LAURA. [With a half-sigh.] No, I didn’t know it.

WILL.  Oh, yes; south of here in the San Juan country.  Spent a couple of years there once.

LAURA. [Still without turning.] That’s interesting.

WILL.  It was then.  I made some money there.  It’s always interesting when you make money.  Still—­

LAURA. [Still leaning in an absent-minded attitude.] Still what?

WILL.  Can’t make out why you have your eyes glued on that road. 
Someone coming?

LAURA.  Yes.

WILL.  One of Mrs. Williams’ friends, eh? [Will crosses, and sits on seat.

LAURA.  Yes.

WILL.  Yours too?

LAURA.  Yes.

WILL.  Man?

LAURA.  Yes, a real man.

WILL. [Catches the significance of this speech.  He carelessly throws the cigar over the balustrade.  He comes down and leans on chair with his back to LAURA. She has not moved more than to place her left hand on a cushion and lean her head rather wearily against it, looking steadfastly up the Pass.] A real man.  By that you mean—­

LAURA.  Just that—­a real man.

WILL.  Any difference from the many you have known?

LAURA.  Yes, from all I have known.

WILL.  So that is why you didn’t come into Denver to meet me to-day, but left word for me to come out here?

LAURA.  Yes.

WILL.  I thought that I was pretty decent to take a dusty ride half-way across the continent in order to keep you company on your way back to New York, and welcome you to our home; but maybe I had the wrong idea.

LAURA.  Yes, I think you had the wrong idea.

WILL.  In love, eh?

LAURA.  Yes, just that,—­in love.

WILL.  A new sensation.

LAURA.  No; the first conviction.

WILL.  You have had that idea before.  Every woman’s love is the real one when it comes. [Crosses up to LAURA.] Do you make a distinction in this case, young lady?

LAURA.  Yes.

WILL.  For instance, what?

LAURA.  This man is poor—­absolutely broke.  He hasn’t even got a [Crosses to armchair, leans over and draws with parasol on ground.] good job.  You know, Will, all the rest, including yourself, generally had some material inducement.

WILL.  What’s his business? [Crosses to table and sits looking at magazine.

LAURA.  He’s a newspaper man.

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