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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 285 pages of information about The Idler in France.


The Dead paraded through the Streets to inflame the Populace—­The Shops closed—­The Duc de Raguse censured—­His Supineness—­Devotion of the Duc de Guiche to his Sovereign—­The Military Dispositions defective—­Flag of the Bourbons—­Troops in Want of Refreshment—­ Destruction of the Royal Emblems—­Disgusting Exhibition—­Rumours of Fresh Disasters—­Opinion of Sir Roger de Coverley—­Revolutions the Carnivals of History—­Observation of Voltaire—­Doctors Pasquier and de Guise—­Report of Fire arms—­Paucity of Provisions—­Female Courage—­Domestic Entrenchment—­Further Hostilities—­Conflicting Rumours—­The Sublime and the Ridiculous—­Juvenal Intrepidity—­Fatality—­The Soldiers and the populace—­Visit to Madame Craufurd—­Barricade in the Rue Verte—­Approaching Mob—­Safe Arrival in the Rue d’Anjou—­Terror of Madame Craufurd—­Her Anxiety for her Relatives—­Composure of the Marquis d’Aligre—­Riotous Assembly in the Rue Verte—­Their Conduct towards the Author—­Dangerous Symbol of Aristocracy—­Arrival at Home, 282.


Familiarity of French Servants—­Power of the People—­Misguided Men—­Further Rumours—­Who are the People?—­An Intruder—­A Revolutionary Hero—­The Tuileries and the Louvre taken—­Sir Thomas Lawrence’s Portrait of the Dauphin—­The Terrible and the Comic—­Trophies of Victory—­The Palace of the Archbishop of Paris sacked—­Concessions of Charles the Tenth—­The Duchesse de Berri—­Lord Stuart de Rothesay—­Noble Conduct—­The Duchesse de Guiche—­Her trying Situation—­The Provisional Government—­The Tri-coloured Flag—­Meeting of the Deputies—­Bitter Feeling towards the Royal Family Bravery of the Populace—­Lafayette and his followers—­Scene in the Street—­“The Good Cause”—­The wealthy M. Laffitte—­Valuable Collections at Paris—­Courageous Conduct of the Duchesse de Guiche—­Her Champions—­Attack on the Hotel of the Duc de Guiche—­Comte Alfred d’Orsay—­Painful Position, 272.


Sanctuary of Home—­Madame C——­ —­Intoxicated Revolutionist—­His Good-Nature—­the Proprietor of a Wine-Shop—­Politeness of all Classes in France—­Barracks in the Rue Verte—­Difficulty of obtaining Admission—­Agitation of Madame C——­ —­Comte Valeski—­The Barracks attacked and taken—­Dangerous Route—­Impassable Gulf between the Sovereign and the People—­The Royal Cause hopeless—­A Fine Youth killed—­Reflections on his Death—­Number of Persons killed during the last Three Days—­Details of a Battle—­Rumour respecting the Dauphin—­Interment of the Page—­Fatality attending the Bourbons—­Absence of the Dauphine—­Revolt of the Troops—­The Duchesse de Guiche at St.-Germain—­Her noble Bearing—­The Duc de Gramont—­The Chateau du Val, the Residence of the Princesse de Poix—­The Fugitive Duchess—­Popularity of Lafayette—­The duc d’Orleans named Lieut.-General of France—­Order restored—­Abdication of Charles the Tenth—­Renewed Excitement—­Clamour against the King—­A Fickle People—­Wicked Rumours—­The King quits Rambouillet—­School of Adversity—­Desertion by Friends—­Route to Cherbourg, 294.

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