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Unexpected Events—­Mr. and Mrs. Mathews—­Their son, Charles—­Evening Party—­Recitations and Songs—­Pleasant Recollections—­Visit to the Jardin des Plantes—­Amusing Incident—­Humorous Imitations—­Intellectual Powers—­Recourse to Reading—­The Comte Montalembert—­His Grief on the Death of his Daughter—­Restraint imposed by Society—­Fate of the Unfortunate—­The Prince and Princess Soutzo—­Particulars relative to them—­Reverse of Fortune—­Mr. Rogers and Mr. Luttrell—­Memory of Lord Byron—­His Lampoon on Rogers—­Love of Sarcasm—­Conversation of Mr. Luttrell—­Lord John Russell—­His Qualifications—­Monsieur Thiers—­Monsieur Mignet—­His Vigorous Writings—­Friendship between Thiers and Mignet—­The Baron Cailleux—­Visit to the Louvre—­Taste for the Fine Arts—­The Marquis and Marquise de B——­ —­Clever People—­Lord Allen and Sir Andrew Barnard—­The Culinary Art, 230.


Mr. Rogers and Mr. Luttrell—­Society of Refined Englishmen—­Mercurial Temperament of the French—­Opposite Characters—­M.  Erard’s Collection of Pictures—­Antique Bijouterie—­Lord Pembroke—­The Duke of Hamilton—­Dr. Parr—­Reproof of the Duc de Blacas—­Monsieur Mignet—­His great Knowledge—­A Clever Man—­Influence of Conscience—­Abilities of Lord Palmerston—­Lord Castlereagh—­His Uncle, the late Marquess of Londonderry—­Dangers of Fashion—­Mr. Cutlar Fergusson—­The Baron and Baroness de Ruysch—­A Mind at Ease—­Dreary Weather—­Sad State of the Streets—­Fogs—­Fascination of Madame Grassini—­Sledge Party—­Sledge of the Duc de Guiche—­That of Comte d’Orsay—­Picturesque Night Scene—­Revival of an Old Fashion—­The Prince Polignac—­His Amiable Manners—­His Difficult Position, 242.


Effects of Indisposition—­Instability of Earthly Blessings—­Captain William Anson (Brother of Lord Anson)—­His varied Acquirements—­The pretty Madame de la H——­ —­Prince Paul Lieven—­Captain Cadogan (now Earl Cadogan)—­Life at Sea—­Visit to the Duchesse de Guiche—­Her Warmth and Gentleness of Manner—­Political Crisis—­The Conquest of Algiers—­General Excelmans—­Rash Measure—­Charles the Tenth—­His Ministry unpopular—­Prosperity of France—­Extorted Concessions—­ Dissolution of the Chambers—­The Public Press—­Controversy—­Commotion before the Hotel of the Ministre des Finances—­The Ministers insulted—­Counsel of the Duc de Guiche—­Serious Aspect of Affairs—­Crowds in the Streets—­Household of Charles the Tenth—­Noblesse of his Court—­Confusion and Alarm—­Riotous Conduct—­Firing on the People—­Formation of Barricades—­Absence of the Civil Authorities—­Nocturnal Impressions—­Comtes d’Orsay and Valeski—­Scene in the Place de la Bourse—­The Corps-de-Garde set on Fire—­Darkness in the Rue Richelleu.—­Further disturbances—­Continued Depredations—­Breach between the People and the Sovereign—­Anecdote of Monsieur Salvandy, 225.

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