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Triumph—­Spirit of Emulation—­The Quarter called the Pays Latin—­An Author’s Dress—­Aspect of the Women—­A Life of Study—­Amable Tastu’s Poems—­Effect of Living much in Society—­Mr. W. Spencer—­His Abstraction—­Disadvantages of Civilization—­Confession of Madame de ——­ —­A Hint to Comte ——­ on visiting London—­Suspicion of Poverty—­A Diner Maigre—­Luxurious Bishops, 182.


Romantic Feelings of Lady C——­ —­True Love—­Disagreeable Neighbours—­Credulity—­Mademoiselle Delphine Gay—­French Novels—­French Critics—­Eligible Mansions—­Comforts of Seclusion—­Genius of L.E.L.—­The Comtesse d’O——­ —­A Brilliant Talker—­Letter from Mrs. Hare—­Extreme Hospitality—­Longchamps—­Exhibition of Spring Fashions—­French Beauties—­Animated Scene—­Promenade at Longchamps—­Extravagance of Mademoiselle Duthe—­Modern Morals—­Cinq Mars, by Comte Alfred de Vigny—­His Style—­Strictures on Mankind—­The best Philosophy—­Speech of Lord Grey—­The Caterpillar—­A Voracious Appetite—­A Refined Lady—­La Chronique du temps de Charles IX, by Prosper Merimee—­Estimation of Sir Walter Scott—­Jules Janin—­Injudicious Praise—­Renewal of Youth—­Self-Deception—­Grey Hairs, 194.


Victor Hugo’s Dernier Jour d’un Condamne—­Value of Common Sense—­Conscience—­Cunning—­Curiosity Shops on the Quai d’Orsay—­Expensive and Tasteful Gifts—­An Avaricious Vender—­A Moral—­Anonymous Scribbler—­Weakness of Mind—­Poems of Mrs. Hemans—­The Minds of Genius—­Poetesses of England—­Arrival of Lord D——­ —­The Catholic Question carried—­Irish prejudices—­Letters from Absent Friends—­Sir William Gell—­The Archbishop of Tarentum—­Discoveries at Pompeii—­Novel of The Disowned—­Advantages to be derived from the Perusal of Works of Fiction—­Politics—­Charles the Tenth unpopular—­Charles the First—­The House of Bourbon—­“Uneasy lies the Head that wears a Crown”—­The Duc de T——­ —­Mr. Hook’s Sayings and Doings—­Visit to the Hotel Monaco, 207.


A new Resilience—­Consolation in Sickness—­House in the Rue de Matignon—­Its Interior described—­The Library—­Drive in the Bois de Boulogne—­Atmospheric Influence—­The Rocher de Cancale—­A Diner de Restaurant—­A Gay Sight—­Good Taste in Dress innate in Frenchwomen—­Well-appointed Carriages—­Soldier-like Air of the Male Population—­Observation of the Emperor Napoleon—­Characteristics of the British Soldier—­National Anthem—­Changes in the Journey of Life—­Captain Marryat’s Naval Officer—­Performance of La Tour d’Auvergne—­Letter of Carnot—­Distinction awarded to Merit by Napoleon—­National Glory—­Effect of Enthusiasm—­Villa of the Duchesse de Montmorency—­Residences on the Banks of the Thames—­Bagatelle, the Seat of the Duc de Bordeaux—­Earthly Happiness—­Domestic Alterations—­High Rents at Paris—­Terrace and Aviary—­Unsettled Slate, 219.

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