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The celebrated Dr. P——­ —­Society of Medical Men—­Dr.
Guthrie—­Requisites for a Surgeon—­Celebrity and Merit—­The Road to
Fortune, as related by Dr. P——­ —­Successful Stratagem—­Fancied
Illness—­Superfluity of Embonpoint—­Mode of Treatment—­Another
Patient—­The Doctor a-la-mode—­Mr. P. C. Scarlett—­Lord Erskine—­Mr.
H.B——­ —­Visit to the Theatre Italien—­Madame Malibran’s
“Desdemona”—­Defect in her Singing—­The Princesse Pauline Borghese—­The
Family of Napoleon—­Particulars of the Duchesse d’Abrantes—­The
Luxembourg Palace and Gardens—­A Loving Couple—­Holiness of
Marriage—­Story of the Old Bachelor and his Crafty Housekeeper, 105.


Groups of Children in the Gardens of the Luxembourg—­Joyous Sounds—­The Nurses—­The Child of Noble Birth and that of the Parvenu—­Joys of Childhood—­Contrast between Youth and Age—­Meeting with Dr. P——­ —­Arrival of General and the Comtesse d’Orsay—­Attractions of the latter—­Remark of Napoleon—­Affection in Domestic Circles in France—­The Duchesse de Guiche—­The Comtesse d’Orsay—­The Duc de Gramont—­Madame Craufurd—­The ci-devant Jeune Homme—­Potter, the actor—­Sir Francis Burdett—­Advantages of French Society—­Topics of Conversation—­Pedigrees of Horses—­French Politeness—­Deferential Treatment of the Fair Sex—­Domestic Duties of the Duchesse do Guiche—­Influence of Courts—­Visit to the Theatre des Nouveautes—­La Maison du Rempart—­Inflammable Exhibitions—­Mr. Cuthbert and M. Charles Lafitte—­advance of Civilization—­Lady Combermere—­Mr. Charles Grant (now Lord Glenelg)—­Curiosity Shops on the Quai Voltaire—­Madame de Sevigne—­Objects that have belonged to celebrated People—­A Hint to the Ladies—­Pincushion of Madame de Maintenon—­The Marquis de Rambouillet—­Moliere’s Precieuses Ridicules—­Pangs of Jealousy—­Julie d’Angennes—­Brilliant Coterie, 120.


The Marquise de Pouleprie—–­The celebrated Madame du Barry—­Anecdote—­Mademoiselle Mars in Valerie—­Her admirable Style of Acting—­Playing to the Galleries—­Exclusive Nature of Parisian Society—­French Conversation—­Quickness of Perception—­Walk in the Gardens of the Tuileries—­Comparative Beauty of French and English Ladies—­Graceful Walking of the Former—­Difference of Etiquette—­Well-bred Englishmen—­Flight of Time—­Colonel Caradoc, son of Lord Howden—­New Year’s Day—­Custom of making Presents—­Gallery of the Louvre—­The Statues therein—­Works of Art—­Chefs-d’oeuvre of the Old Masters—­Consolation for Men of Genius—­Nicolas Poussin, 134.


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