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Custom of letting out Furniture—­The Prince and Princesse Castelcicala—­Lady Hawarden—­Lady Combermere—­Tone of Society at Paris—­Attentions paid by Young Men to Old Ladies—­Flirtations at Paris—­Ceremonious Decorum—­Comic Charles de Mornay—­Parisian Upholsterers—­Rich Furniture—­Lord Yarmouth—­Elegant Suite of Apartments—­Charles Mills—­Warm Affections between Relatives in France, 56.


Domestic Arrangements—­Changes in Young People—­Pleasant Recollections—­Lord Lilford—­The Marquis and Marquise Zamperi—­Comte Alexander de Laborde—­The Marquis de Mornay—­Mode of passing the Time—­Evening Visits in France—­Dinner-party—­The Duc Dalberg—­The Duc de Mouchy—­Party to Montmorency—­Rousseau’s Hermitage—­Sensibility, a Characteristic of Genius—­Solitude—­Letter of Rousseau to Voltaire—­Church, of Montmorency—­Baths at Enghien—­The Comtesse de Gand—­Colonel E. Lygon—­The Marquis de Dreux-Breze—­Contrast between him and the Duc de Talleyrand—­The Baron and Baroness de Ruysch—­Mr. Douglas Kinnaird—­Sir Francis Burdett—­Colonel Leicester Stanhope—­The Marquis Palavicini—­Charms of Italian Women—­Lords Darnley and Charlemont—­Mr. Young, the Tragedian—­Lord Lansdowne—­Estimate of his Character—­Sir Robert Peel—­Respect for the Memory of Sir William Drummond—­Lady Drummond—­“Vivian Grey”—­Mr. Standish—­Intermarriages between the French and the English, 64.


Charles Kemble—­His Daughter’s Tragedy of “Francis the First”—­Recollections of John Kemble—­The Opera—­Count Ory—­Sir A. Barnard—­Secret of Happiness—­Visit to Mademoiselle Mars—­Her Residence described—­Memorial of her Theatrical Career—­The Duchesse de la Force—­Madame Grassini—­Anecdote of her—­Visit to Orsay—­Its Situation—­The Princesse de Croy—­Hamlet of Palaiseau—­Drama of La Pie Voteuse—­Family of the Duc de Guiche—­The Vaudeville Theatre—­Scribe’s Avant, Pendant, el Apres—­Its Dangerous Tendency—­French Ambition—­Parisian Shopkeepers—­Their Officious Conduct, 78.


Lord and Lady Stuart de Rothesay—­French Politeness—­Mr. D——­ and Mr.
T——­ —­Study of Shakespeare—­Attractions of Mrs. T——­ —­Lady
Charlotte Llndsay and the Misses Berry—­Sir William Gell—­Mr. and Mrs.
Hare—­Female Amiability—­Shopping—­Hints on Female Dress—­Brilliancy of
French Conversation—­Mr. J. Strangways—­A severe Trial—­The
Plague-spot—­Miraculous Escape—­Dinner given by Comte A. de
Maussion—­Goethe’s Faust—­Character of “Margaret”—­The witty Mr.
M——­ —­Lord Byron—­French Quickness of Apprehension—­Sept
—­Character of Charlotte Corday—­Degenerate Taste of the
Parisians—­Hasty Conclusions, 91.


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